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Here are some perfect mixes for your hamster to fill his cheeks with. Together with green food, fruit, hay, and the occasional portion of animal protein, he'll get everything he needs!

1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products
1 - 5 of 5 products

The new version of Hamster Crispy - delicious muesli-style complete food for hamsters, dwarf hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils, with high quality seeds and grains

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A balanced, complete food for dwarf hamsters, with small grains and meal worms.

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Feed your dwarf hamster this complete balanced dish, free from pellets and extrudate but packed with a range of valuable ingredients and beneficial nutrients from small seeds and delicious mealworms.

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Mixed feed with leeks and carrots for rabbits and other rodents, also suitable as a main feed

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A complete, balanced, natural food for hamsters with plenty of animal proteins, delicious vegetables and grain.

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  • Hamster food - Delicious food mixtures for hamsters

    They are small, furry and have cute beady eyes. Although they have a rather short life expectancy and are quite demanding to keep, hamsters are considered popular pets. The nocturnal, rather unsociable creatures include the teddy hamster, the classic golden hamster or the even smaller dwarf hamster. In their natural environment these cute little animals eat fruits, seeds, legumes, cereals, insects and leaves. Here you can learn how to feed your hamster a balanced and healthy diet at home. 

  • How much food should I give my hamster?

    A hamster's diet should ideally be healthy and varied. Key foods for hamsters include grain mixes, fresh fruit or vegetables, and animal protein. Hamsters should have about one tablespoon of grain food per day. Vegetables should also be on the menu about once a day. Fruit is more suitable as a small snack due to its higher sugar content and should not be fed daily. As hamsters often store their food, it is important to remove any leftover food from their home after feeding them fresh food or protein as this will prevent your hamster from eating spoiled food. It is best to observe for a while how much your hamster actually eats and then adjust the amount of food accordingly. In addition, fresh water should always be available to your hamster.

  • What hamster food is the best?

    Hamsters are so-called grain eaters. Dry food is therefore the main component of a species-appropriate hamster diet. At zooplus, you will find high-quality small pet food suitable for hamsters from JR Farm, hamster and even dwarf hamster food from Bunny and Versele Laga. A healthy food mix ideally combines different types of grain such as millet, wheat, oats, barley, buckwheat or rye. It should also consist of the following other components:

    • Herbs

    • Small seeds

    • Nuts

    • Dried vegetables and fruit

    • Animal protein e.g. dried insects

    Many food mixtures already contain animal protein, for example in the form of dried mealworms. The small rodents need the proteins for the renewal and building of cells. By the way, hamsters love nuts and seeds. However, because they contain a lot of fat, they should only be eaten in small quantities. Sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts and pumpkin seeds are suitable as an occasional snack.

  • Why is it worth buying hamster food & dwarf hamster food at zooplus?

    Buying hamster food online at zooplus is easy and convenient. Choose your pet’s favourite food and order it easily within a few minutes. This way you save yourself a trip to the specialist shop and get your order conveniently delivered to your home. If you need more hamster accessories, toys and supplies, we have many more products for hamster owners in our online shop including everything from wooden hanging bridges, to bedding materials and carriers. In addition to the low prices, zooplus also has many special offers and promotions to look out for where you can save money. 

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