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In addition to hay as a basic source of nutrition, degus require a well-balanced food mix with further nutrients. The food mixes offered here meet these special needs and are important components to your degu's diet.

1 - 4 of 4 products
1 - 4 of 4 products
1 - 4 of 4 products

Supplementary feed with healthy ingredients from the field, grains and grasses, for rabbits and rodents; suitable for degus as a main feed

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200 g
€14.95 / kg
Saver Pack: 3 x 200 g
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€11.98 / kg
Versele-Laga Chinchilla & Degu Complete

A complete feed for degus and chinchillas in pellet form for a holistic, grain-free diet. Rich in herbs, grasses & veg with Timothy hay. Linseed, FOS & Yucca extract.

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8 kg
€7.00 / kg
€7.02 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 1.75kg
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€6.57 / kg

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Grain-free food for degus with a fibre-rich mixture of grasses and vegetables, free from added sugar and ideal for sensitive pets, with vitamins and minerals to support good health.

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Improved JR Farm Premium recipe: A complete food mix for degus, low in grain but with lots of tasty vegetables. No fruits or sugar.

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10 kg
€4.25 / kg
  • Complete, balanced nutrition for your degu

    The range of degu food here at zooplus is extensive, offering an option for everyone. This range of degu food has been developed to ensure optimum all-round nutrition. Every variety contains beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients that have been specially selected to ensure comprehensive health and wellbeing with every meal. 

  • What benefits does this range of degu food have for your small pet?

    Degu food is available in a great range of options here at zooplus, offering complete, balanced nutrition that will keep your small pet healthy and nourished. Degu food is enriched with natural fibres, herbs and vegetables to help keep your degu healthy both inside and out. Degu food has been specially formulated to help keep your small pet healthy, happy and active, with plenty of nutrients, variety and flavour.

  • What selection of degu food does zooplus offer?

    Degu food is available in a range of options to please every pet:

    • Complete meals: premium, complete degu food is made using a combination of essential nutrients from top quality ingredients, mixed in recipes that your degu will love. It is rich in fibre to help keep your degu healthy and nourished, with various plants, herbs and vegetables to bring flavour and variety to your pet’s food bowl! There are also premium degu food options that are made using plenty of tasty vegetables but no grains, helping to keep your degu’s digestive system healthy and encourage good organ function, as well as combatting diabetes in small pets by reducing the amount of sugar and fruit in its diet.

    • Herbs: adding beneficial herbs to your pet’s degu food diet can be a great way to nourish your small pet in a low-calorie manner, offering fibre and nutrients that are great for keeping your pet healthy both inside and out.

    • Snacks: even small pets love a tasty treat! These degu food snacks are a real treat and help to bring variety and enjoyment to your degu’s life, as the perfect supplement to its every day menu.

  • How can I complete my degu’s diet?

    Here at zooplus we also offer snacks, so that your small pet’s degu food diet can be truly complete, as well as delicious and wholesome! It is available from a number of different prominent producers in the pet food industry, ensuring premium quality and unbeatable nutrition for your small pet. Browse the full range of Degu Food available here at zooplus.

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