Chinchilla Food

Chinchilla food: well-balanced raw fibre, tasty and healthy. Here you're sure to find a tasty treat that your Chin likes besides the usual hay, greens, fruits and vegetables.
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3 products

A delicious, balanced food mix for chinchillas. The bark, grass and leaf mix pellets have a high roughage content which will help keep your pet healthy.

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Grain-free complete meal for chinchillas, with tasty grass and vegetables to offer plenty of fibre without any added sugars, with vitamins and minerals to support a strong immune system.

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Versele-Laga Chinchilla & Degu Complete

A complete feed for degus and chinchillas in pellet form for a holistic, grain-free diet. Rich in herbs, grasses & veg with Timothy hay. Linseed, FOS & Yucca extract.

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