Natures Menu Wet Dog Food

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    2 products

    Add some variety to your dog's diet with these tasty grain-free wet dog food mixed packs. Each recipe contains only one source of animal protein and is based on the wolf's natural diet in the wild.

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    Nourishing, natural, gloriously grain-free complete wet dog food. Gently steamed to preserve nutrients, each recipe is enriched with nutritious fruit & veg. Try 3 varieties in the mixed trial packs!

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    Natures Menu Wet Dog Food

    Real in every way

    If you are looking to feed your dog a complete and balanced diet that is natural and perfectly tailored to the nutritional needs of your four-legged friend, then look no further than Natures Menu wet dog food. Natures Menu began as a small family business in 1981 and uses real ingredients, real passion and real expertise to create raw and natural dog food with healthy nutrition at its core. Locally sourced ingredients from responsible sources are combined in the Natures Menu factory in Norfolk, undergoing the highest possible quality control standards to ensure everything created is perfect. Natures Menu also has an in-house veterinary team to approve each meal, so that you can be sure you are feeding your dog the ideal food to support its wellbeing.
    Natures Menu wet dog food comes in a great variety of options, including pouches and cans to meet your own personal preferences - here at zooplus you will also find exclusive Natures Menu trays! Each packaging type offers delicious moist dog food that is natural and nutritious. This canine wet dog food is available in Natures Menu Original and Country Hunter varieties, all of which using premium quality raw ingredients that undergo a gentle steam-cooking method to help retain natural nutritional value and flavour. All Natures Menu wet dog food uses high quantities of responsibly sourced meat or fish, offering essential protein, often combined with nutritious fruits and vegetables to ensure your dog gets every vitamin and mineral it needs.

    Browse the full range of Natures Menu wet dog food available here at zooplus:

    Choose from a range of meaty varieties packed full of flavour and nutritional value.
    Natures Menu wet dog food is available in cans, pouches and trays.

    • Natures Menu Country Hunter: this Natures Menu Country Hunter wet dog food is available in pouches and cans, as well as trays that are exclusive to zooplus. Natures Menu Country Hunter offers complete, wholesome food that is rich in nutrients and flavour. Each meal is made using 80% top quality, human-grade meat in various different combinations to ensure unbeatable flavour that will ensure your dog happily eats every meal. This meat is combined with superfoods that offer high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and minerals that can help to keep your dog healthy. The Natures Menu Country Hunter recipes are free from grains and gluten, which means that even more sensitive dogs can digest them, as well as being free from nasty additives such as artificial colours and preservatives, meat meal and meat derivatives.
    • Natures Menu Original: as with all of the Natures Menu wet dog food dishes, this Natures Menu Original selection provides complete, balanced dishes that contain human-grade meat and are free from meat meal and meat derivatives. It is ideal for adult dogs and puppies over the age of 20 weeks, made with veterinary approved recipes that undergo gently steam-cooking to retain natural flavour and nutrition. Natures Menu Original meets FEDIAF guidelines and is gluten-free to make it suitable for more sensitive canines. This premium wet dog food makes the perfect alternative to raw feeding, particularly if you are away or travelling. The special blend of vitamins and minerals helps to support overall health and wellbeing, with tasty combinations of chicken, beef, lamb, turkey or salmon that are sure to be well-accepted by most dogs. Choose from handy cans or the Natures Menu Original trays found exclusively at zooplus!

    Natures Menu wet dog food provides complete, balanced nutrition for adult dogs, in a range of flavours that your dog will enjoy eating.
    The full range of Natures Menu wet dog food is approved by veterinarians as being species-appropriate and ideal for your canine.

    Find food to nourish all of your pets with this delicious, nutrient-rich selection of Natures Menu wet cat food!