Crave Wet Dog Food

Crave Wet Dog Food offers unbeatable nutrition and flavour for your dog, with tasty dishes packed full of irresistible meat and mouthwatering flavour. This selection of Crave Wet Dog Food has been formulated to meet your dog's natural nutritional needs, based around its dietary instincts in the wild.
Crave dog food is also created without the use of troublesome grains or dairy products, making each dish ideal for your sensitive pets and helping to ensure everyone can be nourished, in spite of allergies or intolerances. Combine this tasty Crave wet dog food with a delicious Crave kibble for the perfect dish for your dog!
    2 products
    2 products

    Grain-free wet food for adult dogs, with a high meat content and 65% animal ingredients, rich in protein from animal sources and with irresistible flavour to support a strong, lean body.

    Delivery in 3-6 working days
    2 Varieties from
    Lamb & Beef
    €23.99€8.00 / unit
    Turkey & Chicken
    €23.99€8.00 / kg

    Well-balanced wet food for adult dogs, species-appropriate recipe with lots of meat, high protein content to support muscles, grain-free recipe with plenty of flavour varieties.

    Delivery in 3-6 working days
    3 Varieties from
    Chicken and Turkey
    €12.99€5.41 / kg
    Lamb and Beef
    €12.99€5.41 / kg
    Salmon and Turkey
    €12.99€5.41 / kg