Affinity Ultima Wet Cat Food

Affinity Ultima is a complete and well-balanced high nutrition food specially formulated to satisfy the specific needs of your cat. Feeding your cat with Affinity Ultima, you will notice the results of its high nutrition and you will also contribute to a long and healthy life.

Affinity Ultima also offers special care nutrition options, helping to look after your cat's individual health needs and support your cat through its golden years.
    1 products
    1 products

    Complete food for sterilised and castrated cats, with tailored calorie and nutrient contents to help support weight control, with delicious well-accepted recipes in sauce.

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    4 Varieties from
    Meat Selection
    €32.49€7.96 / kg
    Beef & Tuna
    €32.49€7.96 / kg
    Chicken & Salmon
    €32.49€7.96 / kg
    Fish Selection
    €32.49€7.96 / kg