01/31/18 | Lin

Happy cats at last

My three cats were not happy when whiskas changed their food in jelly a couple of years ago, it made them vomit. Since then we have tried various brands at various prices with little luck - they will still only eat foods in jelly but tend to suck off the jelly and leave the food however expensive. Not so with the Iams, where they now eat all their food, but actually seem to eat less and less often. I am so pleased with this cat food, and so are they.
12/11/17 | Megan

I am an IAMS tortie

My seventeen week old tortie absolutely loves this product which is good because she's such a fussy eater. I really hope they just start doing packs of the chicken ones for the adults as well so we can continue her on them as she gets older.
07/05/17 | Dulcie


I bought a variety of wet pouches my two new additions and this is the only one which they will completely finish so it must be tasty!
04/25/17 | Sue Billows

Fussy Birmans

I have been having a nightmare trying to find a food my boys will eat. I must have more packets of rejected food than the local supermarket. One of my boys decided he liked the Delights Delicious Salmon & Trout but it only comes in mixed boxes... would be great if IAMS did boxes of individual flavours
09/10/16 | Jemma

Great one!

Really good food, that's what cats needs. Seems to be really tasty and looks good.

Thumbs up

My cat loves it and great value!
04/07/16 | originally published in zooplus.de


My 2 cats like it. Also, it doesn't contain any additional sugar and lots of meat. 5 stars and a clear recommendation from me!
03/30/16 | originally published in zooplus.de


Doesn't contain any additional sugar and seems to be very high quality! Tested it and my cats seem to like it!
03/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Iams cat food

First time ordering Iams and my kitties love this!
03/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Tasty and healthy

Our girls really enjoy these pouches and I am especially impressed that no sugar is included and there is a nice selection of different varieties is included. Will buy again!

Very good

Our cats love it
02/17/16 | Laurene Reid

Product Change

My cats prefer the old style Iams in Jelly and Gravy. There is one pack in this box which has RED PEPPER!!! My cats won't eat it now I am buying up as much of the old type as I can find. I can not afford to buy this and waste 3 packs of the one they don't like. If they sold separate packs I could buy them. This is so different and my cats are not enjoying their food if I buy them.
02/14/16 | Lisa Parker

mixed review

Am really upset, the original IAMS in gravy is the only food that my fusspot would eat...so I sent for the large replacement pack of the delights mixed selection....will only eat the tuna; salmon and cod! now have 24 meat selection going begging!
08/12/15 | Sinead

Love it :)

My kitten was abandoned at 3 weeks old unfortunately she would not accept milk or a substitute so the vet had to try wet food straight away. She has just come home with me at 4 nearly 5 weeks. I weaned her on to Ian's and my god she wolfs it down loves it!!
11/07/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

We like it!

My 12 year old cat happily eats these pouches.
01/09/14 | Jamina

fussy kittens favourite wet food

I have 2 4-month old kittens and one of them is pretty fussy about what she eats. We tried out a bunch of other produces but she absolutely LOVES her Iams wet food, so we now just order these in bulks. :-)
09/06/12 | Janis

My Devon Rexes LOVE This!

My Rexes were weaned on this from kittens, now at 2yrs my queen loves this before, during and after her kittens! Will continue to feed as this is suitable for queen and kittens. Look out for larger quantity packs - excellent value from Zooplus!
07/19/12 | originally published in zooplus.fr

A success for our cat

Our 18 year old cat was eating very little, but tried this and she ate it all! There isn't very much protein in it, but that doesn't really matter to us, as the more important thing for an older cat is that they continue to eat.
04/13/11 | originally published in zooplus.de


My cats really loves this food but my mother's cat doesn't tolerate wet food very well and always get diarrhoea. Only with Iams do these digestive problems clear up - what more could you want! Our 3 Maine Coons love this food.
07/23/10 | Amina Nielsen

Very good product

We have 3 small kittens where 2 of them loves this product....the third one wont eat it for some reason. Very good product though.

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