10/18/17 | Simba'sMum

It's a paws down

Bozita indoor sterilised was one of the trial packs I'd ordered to gauge what my new feline friend would like. It has very high meat content which is good, but apart from eating the jelly he barely touches the meat. Whether it was this particular flavour or the brand I don't know as I'm not willing to buy more. He did like Cosmo so I have just received my new order of it.
09/06/17 | Lin

My cat doesn't like it

I personally like it as it is very affordable and has a high meat content. But my cat wouldn't eat it which is very sad (T_T)
04/29/17 | S Thorpe

Too much jelly

My kittens did like this to begin with but then went off it, maybe because there was an awful lot of jelly compared to meat. Didn't smell too bad and they did not get upset tummies with it. Now trying other kitten foods to see what suits better
08/09/16 | trisha

Have they changed the contents?

My Maine Coons used to love the sensitive version of this but have both, independent of each other, decided they won't eat the first box of the latest 3 I received. Have they changed the contents? think I'm heading for eBay!!

Too much jelly

One of my cats loves this food, but the last batch I had contains at least 50% jelly. The meat chunks may contain 93%meat but this is no good if there is only 50% chunks in the box.

DOES NOT have the meat content that people think it has but goes down well with the kitten

I read people raving about Bozita's 93% meat content, but it is meat content per chunk not total content, with all other ingredients (including A LOT of jelly) the real meat content could be really very minimal, I reckon the jelly is at least 40%. That being said, most cats love it and my 7 month old ragdoll certainly prefers it to some others but if you want to give your cat a guaranteed high meat content meal, stick to Thrive, Forthglade, Lily's Kitchen etc. Applaws wet is also good but only complimentary so needs to be fed with other complete food. Bozita seems to be kind on the stomach though as whenever I feed my kitten this, his poops are much more pleasant! In a nutshell, Bozita is in my opinion a very slightly (but only slightly!) better Felix, same consistency but better quality Swedish meat.

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