Hamster Food

Here are some perfect mixes for your hamster to fill his cheeks with. Together with green food, fruit, hay, and the occasional portion of animal protein, he'll get everything he needs!

5 products
5 products

Feed your dwarf hamster this complete balanced dish, free from pellets and extrudate but packed with a range of valuable ingredients and beneficial nutrients from small seeds and delicious mealworms.

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A balanced, complete food for dwarf hamsters, with small grains and meal worms.

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JR Farm Winter Hay-House

A lovely winter-themed house, made entirely from hay, coconut and grain-free biscuits – with no artificial colourings or adhesives. Great for sleeping, gnawing, hiding and climbing.

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Mixed feed with leeks and carrots for rabbits and other rodents, also suitable as a main feed

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The new version of Hamster Crispy - delicious muesli-style complete food for hamsters, dwarf hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils, with high quality seeds and grains

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