04/18/22 | DF

This is terrible

This cat litter is terrible, you may as well be using sand. Tracking everywhere, no odor control. Won't be purchasing again.
01/18/22 | Michelle


I accidentally bought this instead of the crystal cat litter because they were out of stock and I wasn't paying attention. It's grim . Fine for poop but the urine sticks together and forms this tacky sticky mess that you have to pry from the bottom of the litter tray . It sticks to the scoop . It sticks to the tray like a big gloopy ball. It's just terrible litter.
05/18/21 | Susan

They've changed it

Was my go to litter and had zero issues with it. The last two bags have been fine and dusty and do nothing to hold the urine scent. So disappointing.
02/18/21 | Claire

Why did they change it?

I’ve used this litter for years,it was the only one my super fussy elderly cat would use.The last couple of bags I’ve purchased however have been different.The litter is not nearly as fine and extremely dusty😕It also doesn’t clump as well as it used to.I’m hoping it’s not a permanent change as it’s gone from being the best litter I’ve ever used to “meh”
01/22/21 | Ciara

Best litter we have ever used!

We have tried multiple litters over the years from cheap to very expensive and this is the best! Having two male indoor cats in an apartment, a litter which contains smell is a must.
12/31/20 | Stella

Just perfect

It's perfect for my kitten. It doesn't leave bad odor and my kitten always comes out clean. Fantastic product.
01/30/20 | Sam D

Best cat litter I've found

I have had my cat for 9 years and I have tried every kind of litter, but I can honestly say that this litter is the best I've found. My cat is strictly indoors, so relies on the litter trays and likes a pristine tray, which was a chore. The speedy Clumping means that the bottom of the trays are kept dry, I just lift out the well defined lumps, and, job done, I only do the trays once a day now. Has a sand like texture which does not bother my cat. Does track a bit, but I use mats to catch this.
12/17/18 | Elisa

I'm still not sure

I have 2 cats and it works great with them, no bad smell suuuuper clamping and easy to clean. most of the review are complaining because the tray is very difficult to clean, but I didn't find this problem. however, the "complain" that I have for this litter is that I find sand everywhere even with a mat to catch litter. So I'm not 100% satisfied
12/08/18 | Sev

Excellent product

After using silicone crystals then a very very expensive clumping litter only one retailer sold o thought I would give this a go. Thank goodness I did! It’s a fraction of the cost, is equally good at neutralising odours, clumping and provided you scoop every day it lasts forever and I have 3 very fussy ragdolls who took to this straight away. Baby powder scent is very subtle, no odours whatsoever and hardly any tracking. I would highly recommend this product as for me there are no negatives.

Best ever

Amazing product.
09/26/18 | Brigit

Happy kitties

The boys love their new litter and so do I. For now they have to stay in the main living room only, while I am at work (no haters please. It's very spacious with lots of hiding and climbing possibilities) and usually it smelled like a lions den when I came home.... now it smells nice and fresh and due to the excellent clumping of Tigerino it's very easy to only scoop out the poop and pee clumps ;)

Best ever!

After my usual litter disappeared from the shelves, I tried a few different types, hoping to find one that my cats would use, and that wasn't to difficult for me to maintain. This one fits the bill perfectly. The clumping is instant, making the clumps well-differentiated and easy to scoop from the tray. I don't have to completely change the litter every few days as long as I keep it topped up, there is no sticking to the bottom or sides of the tray, and it smells lovely.


When my preferred litter disappeared from the shelves, I tried a few different brands looking for a replacement. Nothing worked for us until I fould Tigerino Canada. The clumps form instantly, making them easy to scoop and preventing sticking. I can top up the level without needing to completely change the tray every few days and it keeps the lovely delicate smell. I have 4 cats using 2 hooded trays and they are happy to use it as the box stays clean (they are fussy about personal hygiene).

Wish I had discovered this before!

Having previously used wood pellets and crystal type litter in the past, I do wish I had discovered this earlier! This is used in a covered cat litter tray with a small mat in front. My kittens started using it straight away, I didn't transition them, they seemed to prefer it, probably softer under their paws. Very simple and easy to scoop. This litter is new to us, it seems like you just have to top it up a bit regularly, my extra large litter tray takes a whole bag. Would highly recommend!
07/30/18 | Hilary Murdoch

best ive used

my cats will only use this product. it does not smell when the cats have used the litter tray. the product clumps together and is easily removed. the baby powder one smells lovely even after a week.
07/14/18 | anne hanley

Best and I've tried a few

Excellent clumping use large storage box with lid and a hole cut in the side 4 cats use 2 boxes and 1 bag between the 2 lasts 4 wks scoop every day tried other litter this is the best

Does exactly what it says on the packet!

Previously used a litter which tracked and was very dusty. After reading the reviews I ordered with confidence! Not disappointed. It stays in the tray and as it’s a powder it doesn’t track with my cat! Amazing the way it clumps! I literally took out three scoops! No pet odour at all!👏👌
05/16/18 | Skye

So good!

Great clumping , last ages,smell is good & odour control is great . Only wish it was a little cheaper as bag size has been reduced . Cat love it
04/26/18 | Natacha

Trigerino Canada sensitive

My cat doesn't like litter with added scent so the sensitive one is perfect for him. Originally, I was using Catsan but this is 100% better. Doesn't smell, clumps really well and lasts forever. Tracks a little but with a good litter mat it doesn't go much further than a few steps around the box. Happy kitty, happy cat mommy! :)
04/20/18 | K Gahagan

Canada cat litter

I usually buy Tigerino Nuggies and am on just now to order it after buying this, Cats seem to kick it everywhere and finding it all over the house, which I never get with nuggies. Good in the tray though and nice scent.

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