09/13/21 | Areeya Rohitsathian Schwarz

Overall good

I am happy with the overall result of this litter. It is eco friendly and and the clumping and odor control was good. (Although not as good as bentonite litters). It was not dusty and I would say the only downside is the tracking - but hey, I have a cat so that's part of the deal :-)

Excellent all-round eco-friendly litter but lots of tracking

I purchased this product because I was looking for an eco-friendly litter and this one had excellent reviews. I have tried several other variations of non-clay litters including Sanicat Corn Clumping Cat litter and World's Best (neither of which were great). This one has EXCELLENT oder control, better than any other litter I have used. However, the one downside is that it does track everywhere (although tracking is better than Sanicat). Otherwise, this is an excellent eco-friendly option.
06/11/20 | Chiara

Makes it easy to clean the litter box

I located the cat litter in the bathroom, and this product is convenient because it allows me to throw the stool in the toilet (for the weekly change, I throw it in the garbage). It is very comfortable to remove the poop; because of the pee "wet balls" been formed often so I remove them daily. The huge benefit of this litter is that I can drain it in the toilet, so as to get rid of odors quickly. It's is also very light, also! I don't struggle as I did with normal sand.

Clumps well but tracks so use with other litter

Been using this litter for a while with our DSH cat and not much tracking until we bought our 6 month old Mainecoon kitten who's very furry tail and paws were tracking litter all over the house! I then bought a 10L pack of Breeder Celect paper litter to try (http://www.petsathome.com ). Sprinkled a thin layer of the recycled paper litter on top of the ‘Cats Best’ litter and both work well -very little if any tracking and great clumping. No odours, we clean daily and replenish fortnightly.

great cat litter

Looked for an alternative litter when my supermarket discontinued their own brand wood pellet litter. This is expensive but because liquids clump together and are easily removed it can be used for weeks & doesn't smell at all. I wouldn't risk flushing down the toilet but compost the used litter when changing.The only downside is it sometimes sticks to paws and gets scattered but this was mostly solved by using a hooded tray and I feel is a small inconvenience compared to the effectiveness.

Best odour control, dust-free, but tracks everywhere

This is the best litter I've ever used for controlling odours. It's completely dust-free, which is great for keeping down the dusting chores. However, my two cats track it everywhere and they don't like stepping into it as much as fine clay clumping litters.

Good but doesn't work well with sifting litter boxes

Clumps good and hides the smell however the size is larger than it looks on the pictures so doesn't work that well with sifting litter boxes.

Favourite Litter

This is the first time I have ordered this product, favouring wood pellet or silica litter to date. Will definitely re-order. There is very little odour after the cat has used the tray, the litter clumps and can be disposed of easily and there seems to be very little tracking from the tray. Most importantly, my cat is happy to use it. Good value for money too.

Great smell absorption pity about tracking

I love this product: it's lightweight and absorbs urine smells effectively. It clumps so well that it is relatively economical to use because you're only removing small amounts of soiled litter then adding small amounts of new litter (as opposed to throwing away the whole lot as you end up doing with clay-based litters). As lots of people have mentioned the only major downside is that being lightweight it clings to paws and gets tracked everywhere.


Very good litter does what it says on the bag, got two adult cats and a kitten, one maine coon which doesn't make a mess, and two maine coon /Ragdoll cross, which does stick to he's furr and gets it all over the floor which have always having to clean up, was thinking about changing this litter, but as this is good litter I will still be using it, as it's cheaper than other cat litter.
05/29/17 | Jaya

Does the job but tracks

This is the first cat litter I tried when my boy was just a kitten. It held odours really well and clumped well so I was quite happy with it. However, like many other people have said, the granules track so easily. I am still finding little bits and pieces in strange places 8 months later.
04/28/17 | Catherine

Very pleased

After 18 months of dealing with my 12 yr old rescue either weeing on the floor purposefully or missing her tray, I decided to change her brand of litter in case that was the reason. It turns out it was. I've gone from using Fresh News/Yesterday's News to Greenwoods/Cat's Best, and in the 6 weeks since she's only had one near miss, compared to several per week. I haven't noticed any difference at all between Greenwoods and Cat's Best. Both track, but I'd rather that than cleaning up wee.
04/27/17 | Kathleen Thompson

It's changed.

I have to agree with Jennie, it seems different and doesn't clump as well as it used to. I think I'll change to Cats Best nature gold as I've bought it in the past.
04/11/17 | Chloe

Good stuff, not perfect

On the plus side, it's not too dusty and the cats seem to like it. They have no problem digging in it and covering with it, so of course we'll keep using it. The only negative really is that it tracks SO BADLY outside the litter tray. Seriously. I have to use the mini-vac every day. Two cats + 3 litter trays = litter anywhere within a 20 foot radius. So as long as you don't mind hoovering / don't care about having litter on the floor, it's good.

Good but messy

It is a very good litter. I like that it doesn't smell at all and is natural. My cats like it a lot, but cleaning is a nightmare. First of all the litter sticks into a litterbox and it is really difficult to clean up. And second: it's usually all over the floor after my cats visit the toilet. It always sticks to my long haired cat's fur which is annoying. I changed it to Super Benek, which isn't as messy. A large bag lasts ages compared to other litter!

Great but messy

This litter is great for my cat with asthma not so dusty as other litters and as it's natural the clumping ability doesn't seem to bother him it lasts around 2 weeks with spot cleaning but it tracks absolutely everywhere, as it's so lightweight. I love the product but if your looking for a litter that doesn't track on paws this isn't it

Not flushable, but great otherwise

Says it is compostable and flushable. My experience is that you should not flush it down the toilet as it will block your drains. It did this after just 4 days and my drains had been ok for 15 years ! Otherwise it is fantastic, is saving me a fortune in litter costs as I have 5 house cats and had been using Tigerino Silicate litter and getting through 12 x 5 litre sacks a week as I have two litter trays. We still have no odour issues and this travels less and we use far less ... saving £££
12/20/16 | Rhiannon

Brilliant cat litter

I got 2 cats in March, and was recommended this litter. For the first few weeks I was using shop bought litter and was changing it completely every few days. I bit the bullet and ordered this. It was on offer and got 40l bag with a 20l bag free. This order was placed around April time. The 60l had lasted me until now! It's so cost effective as you use very little. It clumps well, is flushed down her loo, no mess! It does track but for me that's a small price to pay for litter that is so good. It doesn't mask the smell of one of my cats poops but once they've been scooped it's gone. Otherwise it masks the smell brilliantly. I'm always checking with friends that the house doesn't smell of cats when they come in! I'm now ordering more which I expect will last me unruly summer 2017!
11/14/16 | Sam

Very good litter - tracking problem can be reduced with matting

Very good litter, holds smells in, flushes, clumps well. As to tracking, I have put down an anti-track plastic mat and this catches the majority of the litter which comes out of the tray with the cat. It is then easy to hoover up with a small handheld hoover (for example).

Soul cats

Over the last year I have used various cat litters and I have found this one to be the best by far. I like the clumping and this means that you are using less litter. I will continue to purchase this from now on. I agree with previous reviews about the tracking but I have since purchased a new open top cat tray which has been much better and solved a lot of the tracking problems.

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