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Orijen Pet Food

Orijen pet foods are made in Alberta, Canada by an independent family-owned company. Orijen foods are very high in proteins, contains little carbohydrates, and no cereals: 70% meat, 30% regional fruit and vegetables, and 0% cereals. ORIJEN is different from all other typical pet diets. Orijen formulas start from fresh regional ingredients like grain-fed chicken and fresh whole eggs produced on local prairie farms. Lake whitefish are freshly caught from the icy depths of northern Canadian lakes. Salmon, cranberries and apples originating from Pacific oceans and orchards provide your pet with the essential ingredients it needs throughout its lifespan . Using proprietery, low-temperature (90 degrees C) processing methods, we steam-cook our fresh ingredients in small batches to preserve their natural goodness and delicious taste.

Orijen at zooplus Ireland

Biologically appropriate food

Orijen food uses whole prey meats to mirror the diet that dogs and cats evolved to eat. This includes organs, cartilage and marrow.

Main composition: The Orijen whole prey food formula consists of 70-85% meat, 10-15% organ meats, and 5-10% edible bone.
The reason behind this? Wild cats & wolves thrive on whole prey in the wild, including organs for vitamins and minerals and bones and cartilage for calcium and phosphorus. The dental structure of cats and dogs is adapted to a high-animal protein diet.

Ingredients: Orijen foods are completely preservative free, all ingredients are fresh and locally grown in Canada. All ingredients are sustainably raised and passed fit for human consumption.
Cage-free poultry (chicken & turkey), nest-laid eggs, ranch-raised meats (pork, lamb, bison, beef) and wild-caught freshwater & saltwater fish, as well as fresh whole fruits & vegetables are all combined into nutrient-packed food for your pet.
All Orijen food is steam cooked at low temperatures, preserving natural nutrients & flavours.

Quality Assurance: every step in the preparation process is rigorously controlled and tested to ensure the highest quality possible.

Orijen Foods are made in Orijen's kitchens: no part of the preparation process is ever outsourced. Cooking, packaging & the quality process are all carefully controlled on Orijen's premises, and have been for the past 25 years.

Select one of the following:

  • Orijen Dry Dog Food: grain-free formula with 70% meat + 30% vegetable content for adult dogs. Choose from Orijen Regional Red, with delicious bison, wild boar and lamb, Orijen 6 Fish, or Orijen Adult Dog food with poultry and fish. zooplus IE offers Orijen pet food in a great range of varieties.
  • Orijen Puppy Food: whole prey puppy foods that are biologically appropriate for puppies, and contain no grains or cereals. It is also available in a Large Dog formula.
  • Orijen Senior: foods for older dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • Orijen Dry Cat Food: 75% meat + 25% fruit & vegetable content for your cat.

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