Discover Lukullus


Discover Lukullus

Lukullus - Trust in the Power of Nature

Lukullus is your gourmet dog’s favourite high-premium food brand. Drawing on our broad expertise, we deliver the most natural and complete recipes to your dog’s food bowl. Selecting only the best ingredients nature has to offer, including a high content of the best meat blended with nutritious vegetables, herbs and oils, we create the most delicious recipes for your dog to enjoy at every meal.

Why try Lukullus dog food?

• A range of high premium dry food, wet food, and snacks for your gourmet dog

• High content of the best meat, including lots of fresh meat in the Lukullus wet dog food range

• Mixed with the best of nature: herbs, vegetables, and oils

• Lovingly prepared, delicious recipes

• Extraordinary quality, including human-grade quality ingredients and mono-protein sources in the Lukullus Menu Gustico range

Lukullus: Trust in the Power of Nature

What is Cold-Pressing?

Lukullus Cold-Press
Discover the key benefit of Lukullus dry dog food

Unlike other manufacturing processes, we carefully reduce the temperature and pressure to low levels during preparation of Lukullus dry dog food. This gentle processing method helps to:

· retain many of the nutrients of the ingredients

· helps to preserve the benefits from nature to your dog’s food bowl

· deliver a superior taste for your dog 

Discover Lukullus Menu Gustico