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Concept for Life

Concept for Life Pets


Concept for Life pet food provides your pet with the right nutrition for each life stage. This delicious dry or wet food is tailored to suit the individual needs and dietary requirements of your cat or dog. No matter whether your pet is a kitten, a puppy, getting on in years, a working dog, a house cat or a cat that spends time outside; Concept for Life provides your pet with premium nutrition at a great price.

The calorie and nutritional content of each variety of this tasty pet food is optimised to match the individual requirements of each life stage to ensure that the composition and nutritional value is just right for your pet’s life style. Every single variety uses top quality ingredients which are functional and species appropriate. This balanced mix of nutrients helps to ensure that your pet enjoys a happy and healthy life.

Our Philosophy

Concept for Life

• Scientifically based nutrition.

• Adapted to your pet's age, size, breed, lifestyle and dietary requirements.

• Well balanced nutritional value.

• Includes rice as an easily digestible source of carbohydrates in dry food – free from wheat and soy.

NEW: Concept for Life Veterinary Diet

• Complete dietary food tailored to specific dietary needs of dogs and cats.

• Complementary food in the veterinary treatment.

Concept for Life Philosophy