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Naturediet Dog Food

Naturediet dog food is a natural wet food, as nature intended, pure according to the principle: "Made for people who care - by people who care". Awarded with the label Naturediet semi-moist dog food is a qualitatively high value holistic and healthy complete food without artificial additives like taste enhancers, preservatives, attractants or colourings.


Naturediet Dog Food

Naturediet Wet Dog Food

”Made for people who care - by people who care.”

The Naturediet philosophy is to care for your dog in the way that nature intended, providing a species-appropriate, natural diet that offers all of the vital nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy, happy and active. It is made with only the finest quality ingredients and is free from artificial additives, preservatives and flavourings, relying instead on natural ingredients that provide wholesome flavour your dog will love. Naturediet is a complete, balanced range of wet dog food that is sure to go down a treat.

The combination of ingredients used in Naturediet, such as good quality meat, brown rice and vegetables, ensure that your dog’s overall health and digestive system are cared for using a natural approach. Combines of heart meat, vegetables and digestible rice ensure your dog will always come back for more. Naturediet offers a selection of different dishes tailored to please every palate and support your dog through every stage of its life.

Browse the full selection of Naturediet dishes or check out a few of the highlights here:

  • Naturediet Adult: Naturediet adult dog food is perfect for supporting an averagely active dog, with a gluten-free recipe rich in quality meat such as 60% lamb. It is available in a range of flavours, ensuring there is something for everyone, and can even be purchased in a grain-free variety to please those sensitive stomachs. It is cooked for a very short amount of time to ensure natural amino acids, protein and nutrients remain in peak condition.
  • Naturediet Sensitive:Naturediet Sensitive Dog Food, you can restore happiness to your dog's mealtimes, with natural dishes that have been specially designed to reduce the risk of digestive discomfort or dietary intolerance.
  • Naturediet Puppy & Junior: As with the senior Naturediet food, this is rich in digestible poultry, but combined with lamb to provide additional energy for a growing puppy. Naturediet ensures your dog gets the best possible start in life with a nutritious, complete dish that is low in carbohydrates but high in nutrients and protein.

Naturediet: Made for people who care - by people who care.
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