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Easy Life Voogle

Product description

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500 ml
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Product description

Keep your fresh water and salt water fish healthy with Easy Life Voogle. Improve their immune system by encouraging the body’s natural defences to help protect them against germs.
Fish have a natural defence system which protects them against germs. Some situations such as long or short journeys, unclean water or large amounts of germs in the water are very stressful to fish. This can tax the body’s natural defences and affect the immune system. The gills, fins and membranes are especially prone to disease such as white spot, fungal and other infections. Voogle helps keep fish healthy and improves the immune system. It stimulates the natural defences so that they are better protected against germs and disease.

Help protect your fish by adding Voogle to the aquarium once a week. Your fish will stay healthy and the risk of germs and other pathogens is greatly reduced.

Voogle is not poisonous to fish, shrimps, crabs, snails and plants. It does not affect the bio filter, or important water parameters, nor does it cause resistance problems. Voogle is made mainly from plant extracts and is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Voogle degrades naturally so there is no need to change the water. It has a fast acting, positive healing effect on all fresh water and salt water fish and you will quickly see an improvement. It increases resistance and body defences, aiding recovery without negative impact on other fresh water or salt water creatures or the bio filter.


For unwell fish: 10 ml per 40 litres, daily for 5 days
As a prophylaxis and to improve resistance: weekly 10 ml per 100 litre
Inadvertent overdosing will not cause any side effects.
Add when the lights are on and the fish are particularly active.

Please note:

Store in a dark place
Keep away from children and pets.
Remove the active carbon, apparatus may remain switched on.

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