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Winter Dog Coats

For the smaller or more sensitive dog, a winter coat is essential for the colder, British winter months. Our range of winter dog coats at zooplus will keep your dog cosy and warm.
    8 products
    8 products

    Winter Dog Coats

    Dog Coat Grizzly II is the perfect outdoor outfit with functional multilayer system and an optimal, adjustable fit - perfect on cold days. Colour: brown.

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    9 Varieties from
    approx. 30cm Back Length
    Sold out.
    Was €15.49 Now€12.49
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    approx. 35cm Back Length
    Sold out.
    Was €18.99 Now€14.49
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    approx. 40cm Back Length
    Was €18.99 Now€14.49
    approx. 45cm Back Length
    Sold out.
    Was €20.99 Now€16.99
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    approx. 50cm Back Length
    Sold out.
    Was €22.99 Now€17.99
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    A wind-proof, water repellent soft shell dog coat in green. Fully adjustable for a comfortable fit and freedom of movement.

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    8 Varieties from
    Approx. 30cm Back Length
    Was €15.49 Now€12.49
    Approx. 35cm Back Length
    Was €17.99 Now€13.49
    Approx. 40cm Back Length
    Was €18.99 Now€14.49
    Approx. 45cm Back Length
    Was €19.99 Now€15.49
    Approx. 50cm Back Length
    Was €22.99 Now€17.99

    Waterproof quilted dog jacket, with a particularly soft and cuddly inside and light padding, with Velcro fasteners and an opening for a lead, to help keep the back legs warm and ideal for cold days.

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    5 Varieties from
    approx. 30cm Back Length
    Was €19.99 Now€13.49
    approx. 40cm Back Length
    Was €18.99 Now€14.49 €14.49 / unit
    approx. 50cm Back Length
    Was €22.99 Now€17.99 €17.99 / unit
    approx. 60cm Back Length
    Was €25.99 Now€19.99 €19.99 / unit
    approx. 70cm Back Length
    Was €25.99 Now€20.99 €20.99 / unit

    Functional dog overalls with mid-length sleeves to offer all-round protection against wet, cold and dirt. It is light and comfortable, with fleece filling and drawstring to ensure it can be adjusted.

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    8 Varieties from
    Size M: 30cm Back Length
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    Was €19.99 Now€15.49
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    Size L: 35cm Back Length
    Sold out.
    Was €22.99 Now€17.99
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    Size XL: 40cm Back Length
    Was €25.99 Now€19.99
    Size 2XL: 45cm Back Length
    Was €25.99 Now€21.99
    Size 3XL: 50cm Back Length
    Was €28.99 Now€23.99

    Soft-shell dog overalls with leg protection, with a waterproof zip closure and tight stitching, with practical drawstrings and reflective strips, filled with fleece padding and with a high collar.

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    2 Varieties from
    Approx. 65cm Back Length
    Was €27.99 Now€25.99
    Approx. 75cm Back Length
    Was €33.99 Now€30.99

    Coat for dogs, with fashionable quilted pattern, durable Taslan outdoor fabric, with fleece lining, removable collar, easy to get on and off, excellent fit, opening to attach the lead, colour: blue

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    1 Varieties from
    approx. 50cm back length
    Was €25.99 Now€21.99

    Stylish raincoat with a reflective pattern, water-repellent with a handy hood. Fastened by 2-way zip, with velcro fastenings & elasticated cuffs. Chest and stomach are made to stretch. Colour: black.

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    4 Varieties from
    approx. 34cm Back Length (Size S)
    Was €41.99 Now€30.99
    approx. 42cm Back Length (Size M)
    Was €43.99 Now€33.99
    approx. 49cm Back Length (Size L)
    Was €45.99 Now€35.99
    approx. 62cm Back Length (Size XL)
    Was €47.99 Now€37.99

    Warm dog jacket with cosy lining & stylish design in the usual KONG quality. Neck & waist individually adjustable for snug fit. Elasticated, water-repellent & breathable. Made from parachute polyester

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    3 Varieties from
    approx. 51cm Back Length (Size L)
    Was €45.99 Now€38.99
    approx. 37cm Back Length (Size S)
    Was €43.99 Now€36.99
    approx. 44cm Back Length (Size M)
    Was €44.99 Now€37.99

    Winter Dog Coats

    Keep your dog looking fabulous all year round!

    Baby, it’s cold outside, so kit your dog out in some brilliant winter dog clothing! A winter dog coat is the perfect way to keep your canine cosy even in the colder months of the year. Just because the cold, snowy weather has arrived does not mean that long, leisurely walks in the countryside need to come to an end! Wrap your dog up in a hooded jacket or some functional overalls, ensuring warmth and protection against the harsh winter weather.
    Here at zooplus we stock a range of winter dog coats, in a wide variety of styles and available in different sizes so that every dog, from chihuahua to retriever, can stay cosy and comfortable this winter. With everything from elegant tweed to stylish trench coats, the zooplus collection offers something for everyone.

    Browse the full range of winter dog coats available here at zooplus:

    Just like dogs, winter dog coats come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Windbreakers, overalls and neon designs offer practicality and safety for your dog, or you can choose a cute fleece or trendy hooded trench coat. There are also reversible designs for those dogs that like variety in their life!
    Many of the coats at zooplus are also waterproof and windproof, for additional protection in winter weather. You could also go for a machine-washable, quick-drying option if your dog loves to find the muddiest puddles!

    • Hooded coats: keep your dog’s head warm as well as its body! For the really cold winter days this can be vital in keeping your dog healthy and happy. You can even choose a winter dog coat with a removable hood, stylish and adaptable for every weather.
    • Overalls: these provide optimum protection, including legs and neck. Not only are these great if your dog is susceptible to the cold, but can also make your life easier if your dog likes to get muddy - by covering up your dog’s beautiful fur, it makes cleaning up after wet walks a simple case of taking off the overalls and throwing them in the washing machine!
    • Warm & cosy: fleece, wool or quilt make for brilliant winter dog coats, ensuring your dog is exceptionally warm. They are made from breathable material as well, which ensures your dog does not overheat.
    • Neon: reflective coats are a perfect way to increase safety on dark winter evenings, making your dog more easily visible to both you and passing traffic.
    • Stylish: elegant, chic polka dots and fun-loving camouflage are just some of the great options available at zooplus, so that every dog can show off its own personal style!

    Browse the complete collection and find the perfect option for both you and your dog!
    And why not complete your dog’s look with other items from the zooplus Dog Clothing range?

    Take a look at all of the dog clothing here at zooplus!

    All prices include tax. , Additional shipping costs may apply.