High Visibility Dog Clothing

These practical dog coats and vests increase the visibility and safety of your dog. They all have built-in reflectors to provide optimal visibility.
    4 products
    4 products

    Breathable wind and rain protection with a high viz neon area and reflecting strips. Make sure you and your dog are visible when out in the dark. Colour: Black and neon yellow

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    approx. 30cm Back Length
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    approx. 35cm Back Length
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    approx. 40cm Back Length
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    approx. 45cm Back Length
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    approx. 50cm Back Length
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    A neon yellow vest for dogs with reflective strips and a 100% waterproof coating. Ensures high-visibility in rain, fog or at night and keeps your dog safe. Made of lightweight polyester.

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    approx. 28cm Back Length
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    approx. 38cm Back Length
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    Strongly reflective overall for all dog breeds. Improves visibility in the dark, protects against wind, water, cold, and covers the legs. Dirt-repellent, very comfortable, washable. Colour: grey

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    approx. 35cm Back Length

    Stylish raincoat with a reflective pattern, water-repellent with a handy hood. Fastened by 2-way zip, with velcro fastenings & elasticated cuffs. Chest and stomach are made to stretch. Colour: black.

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    3 Varieties from
    approx. 34cm Back Length (Size S)
    approx. 42cm Back Length (Size M)
    approx. 49cm Back Length (Size L)

    High Visibility Dog Coats

    Bring safety and practicality to night-time walks!

    Whether you are forced to walk your dog in the dark due to the winter weather, or simply prefer moonlight strolls, it can be difficult to keep an eye on your precious pooch when there is little light. Not only can this be dangerous, but it also adds unnecessary stress to your life!
    Here at zooplus we stock a range of high visibility dog coats, in a wide variety of styles and available in different sizes so that you can add an element of safety no matter what breed of dog you have. Little or large, all dogs need some additional security at night!

    Browse the full range of high visibility dog coats available here at zooplus:

    A high visibility dog coat is a sensible choice for keeping your dog both warm and visible during winter. We offer a great selection, including particularly warm options and protective rain-proof coats.
    For dogs that don’t like wearing coats, or for summer months when the added warmth is not necessary but evening walks are still on the cards, we also have flashing lights to attach to your dog’s collar, still offering safety and peace of mind.

    • Reflective vests: day or night, these neon vests add extra security without adding too much padding, which means no overheating but all of the safety. A reflective dog vest can be particularly useful if your dog is liable to disappear off and set its own agenda!
    • Reflective coats: insulated and cosy, a full reflective coat is ideal during the winter months. It ensures you do not have to sacrifice long walks just because there are fewer daylight hours. Choose from a selection of well-fitted, quality products to keep your dog warm and eye-catching.
    • Flashing collar attachments: a great safety light option for those who do not like coats. It allows you to keep easy sights on your dog and is available in a range of colours. Continuous or flashing light options allow you to adapt it to your needs, and it can simply fasten on your dog’s collar to allow you to relax on walks.

    Browse the complete collection and find the perfect option for both you and your dog!

    Take a look at all of the dog clothing here at zooplus!