12/17/15 | Nina Harvey

Ferrets love these

I have ten raw fed ferrets that love all the flavours of these. They can be broken into small bite size pieces and used as a tasty treat or trainig aid for any carnivore. Being 100% meat you know there is no added cereals or unhealthy rubbish found so often in most pet treats. My ferrets go nuts for these and gt excited when they see/smell me open the packet. One improvement that would be good is to have them supplied in a resealable bag

My dog loves these

He enjoys all three flavours, good for cutting up and using for walks and training, dont last long otherwise!!
04/15/14 | Vicki-Ann

Great for ferrets!

It's hard finding treats that are both healthy for ferrets and that they actually like but these duck and rabbit treats are a big hit with my 7 ferrets! I have yet to find a ferret that doesn't love them and the best thing is that if they choose to stash them for half a day round their enclosure, they don't go off like fresh meat would!
09/06/12 | Rebelina


My Gordon Setter loves rabbit, and since we don't often get fresh rabbits for her to eat, I decided to try Dokas rabbit. Great success - she adores them! They can be torn into pieces quite easily so would be good for treats too.
10/23/11 | Alex

Great healthy treats

My Siamese cat loves these, she was on a duck based exclusion diet and with these I was able to still give her treats and relieve the monotany of the diet. Since then I've continued to give her them as she loves the taste and they give her teeth and jaws a good workout.
12/04/10 | McBirdie

Could not be more delicious, apparently

My miniature schnauzer could not love the lamb more--she begs to have more and she's a terribly fussy eater. They smell and feel just as good as human-intended jerky, too. I'll definitely be buying more and trying out the other varieties.
11/18/10 | Adam


Great Product, a must buy. I orderd a pack for my cat and the next day i had to order five more. My cat, Tom just loves them.

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