05/19/22 | Nicky

Truly the worst ever

Bought this because I couldn't get 'universal '. When wet it cakes itself to the bottom of the tray (universal just tips out) and requires scraping off. Like all cat litter it gets between their toes and spread on the floor, but this gets everywhere and travels from the utility room to just about every corner of the house. Definitely more hassle than it's worth.
05/10/22 | Lolita

Cat litter

The best of bests. Using for many years. Tried pellets they not worth it.
02/02/22 | Arie

Not as good as the reviews stated

Wanted to try something new, so I read some external reviews. Product disapointed, not sticking enough together and a nasty smell in no time. Nope...

Not suitable for long hair cats

The product itself works well: it absorbs the liquid and keeps the smell. But it is not for long-haired cats. It catches the long hair of my cat and sticks to it. As result, the particles (including the one with poo) is all over the house.
11/18/21 | Zixu

Not as good as the old version

This used to be great. I'm not sure if they've changed the formulation (grains look smaller than before) but the recent batch gives really bad tracking. You find pieces of litter everywhere just after one use - floor, sofa, table, you name it! It also turns into dust very quickly. I hope these slightly negative reviews can bring back the old version.

Used to be good

I have used this litter for years and loved it. Somehow since last year, it has not been the same. Bad tracking and dusty. Clumping not as good as it used to be either. Not quite sure what happened.
09/13/21 | Areeya Rohitsathian Schwarz

Overall good

I am happy with the overall result of this litter. It is eco friendly and and the clumping and odor control was good. (Although not as good as bentonite litters). It was not dusty and I would say the only downside is the tracking - but hey, I have a cat so that's part of the deal :-)

Best of the best

Kills smell perfectly, can easy clean everything

Will have to find another litter

I have been ordering this for a long time because I was totally convinced. The odours were locked in and the clumping mechanism worked great. But this has changed in recent times. It doesn't clump up properly and there are always some bits of unfinished business left. You have to use more and more litter to keep everything eat and tidy. At this price point I am really not convinced anymore. It's very expensive for my four cats.
11/22/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Just terrible

It won't clump!! I don't understand these reviews. Thank God I was able to find another litter on this site. This one was really awful. The litter box started stinking after just a few days and had to be urgently cleaned. My poor cat didn't like it. The Tigerino one (with fine litter) is great!

Transition unsuccessful

We wanted to make the switch for environmental reasons but it was a disaster. Our cat started peeing next to the litter box. The litter is very sharp and our cat didn't like it at all. We were lured in by the offer. Now we have a huge bag of it and had to get our old litter back.
10/15/20 | Ailza

Kgs and lts

Careful with measurements 40 litres is actually 17,2kgs and so on. Website should put the description really clear.

Excellent all-round eco-friendly litter but lots of tracking

I purchased this product because I was looking for an eco-friendly litter and this one had excellent reviews. I have tried several other variations of non-clay litters including Sanicat Corn Clumping Cat litter and World's Best (neither of which were great). This one has EXCELLENT oder control, better than any other litter I have used. However, the one downside is that it does track everywhere (although tracking is better than Sanicat). Otherwise, this is an excellent eco-friendly option.


Absolutely fantastic! Easy to clean and great quality.
06/19/20 | Sandra

Doesn't clump and tracks everywhere

This litter forms very loose clumps which crumble apart if you're not careful. It's also very dusty and tracks everywhere. My cat which loves to dig comes out of the litter box all dusty, which doesn't happen with the smart pellet litter I use in the other tray. At least it doesn't smell.
06/11/20 | Chiara

Makes it easy to clean the litter box

I located the cat litter in the bathroom, and this product is convenient because it allows me to throw the stool in the toilet (for the weekly change, I throw it in the garbage). It is very comfortable to remove the poop; because of the pee "wet balls" been formed often so I remove them daily. The huge benefit of this litter is that I can drain it in the toilet, so as to get rid of odors quickly. It's is also very light, also! I don't struggle as I did with normal sand.
05/22/20 | Linden

Used to be brilliant, now useless

This cat litter WAS fantastic. The most recent bag was quite different - much larger pellets which I initially thought would be great as less likely to track out of the litter box. The problem is the product does not clump AT ALL any longer. It just dissolves into sawdust which then contaminates the rest of the litter. It also smells, which it never did before. Won't be buying again, particularly as I emailed the manufacturer to see if I had just got a faulty batch and they didn't even reply.
03/11/20 | Veronica Brooks

What does it weigh?

I've used this litter for some time now; I have 2 Maine Coons so long haired and altho it tracks a little mostly when they cover up and some goes outside the tray but it doesn't get caught in their coats I find there is very little wastage; when you lift out the clumps. My problem is - I order 20 litres and get 8.5 kilos I really don't understand this; I checked on line kilos to litres and it tells me 1 litre = 1 kilo
02/26/20 | June Cheung

New Recipe is inferior to the original

this was a 5 star product until they changed to a new receipe. the new receipe tends to go way to dusty and appears smaller which makes cleaning much harder. their other product the pellet version we tried but is also a new receipe and is thinner and doesn't clump at all. I don't normally write reviews but I feel so disappointed.

Does not do a job anymore.

Ordered litter as usual, the last order I have noticed some changes to the product structure but it was nothing major. This time, unfortunately it does not clump !! It sticks together like hard paddle. Also pellets or how to name it with this products are bigger so maybe that is one of the reason? I'm not happy at all and still one big bag has left .

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