So far so fantastic

Two fussy and elderly cats - one diabetic so needs high protein diet with no sugar or fillers- one has no teeth the other very few. Soon as I opened the reindeer meat Bozita the cats were fighting over it and polished off the lot! They might still go off it but so far every flavour is a hit. Mash chunks with fork so even my toothless moggies eat the lot.
10/16/18 | Sarah

Kitten Loves it

I've tried our kitten on several brands of food (Applaws, Nature's Menu, Felix) now and she likes this the best and positively hounds me when I'm filling her bowl. Ingredients are very good and little in the way of carbs.

Even my dry food addict seems to like it

So glad to find a cat food with a high meat content, large range of flavours and at a reasonable price. My ginger tom wolfs it down. I was surprised by my fussy tortie showing interest in it though. She only likes dry food and the odd bit of fish. So I've put a little down for her at every mealtime for the last couple of days and she's eaten it all! To keep the food fresh the top of the carton folds over. I fold twice, put a peg on it and stick it in the fridge - I've had no issues with odours.
08/15/18 | Nathan cripps

Cats love it

Both our cats absolutely love this meat and seems to be decent quality
07/04/18 | Jane

Eco friendly recyclable tetra-pacs

The tetra-pacs are easy to open and completely recyclable. The food is good quality and 370gm is equal to 4 pouches with packaging that has to go in landfill. My 6 cats love the food.
02/07/18 | Margaret


Package just arrived. Was so hoping my cats would like this food due to high meat content, but was worried given reviews. But they love it, even my 21 year old - yeah! Ordered more immediately, get them off the junk with only 4% meat. And less packaging waste, win/win.
10/03/17 | tina

yum yum

at last found a cat food that all 7 cats love
07/29/17 | Abbie

Takes a while, but worth it

Very high quality cat food. Initially, my cat just ate the jelly and refused the meat. Now she eats the jelly first and comes back for the meat later. Mix it with a little of your cat's usual food and introduce slowly. Worth the effort
05/19/17 | Kath

Both cats love this

Smells like human food 😁 Both my cats go mad for this food, when I open the fridge door my littlest one tries to get in the fridge for it 😻
05/17/17 | Natalie

Great quality. If your cat is always hungry, try it!

Cats need a high protein diet (they're carnivores) but supermarket brands contain only 4% meat! What's the rest of it?! Bozita is over 80% meat. 'Supermarket brands' also contain appetite stimulants (like McDonalds) and sugar to keep your cat addicted. (If you find your cat isn't keen at first, please try mixing their usual food (Whiskers, Felix, Sheba etc) together with Bozita and gradually reduce the amount of the old food to wean them off it.) Together with Appaws, a high protein dry food (which makes my cats coat so shiny!) my cat is so well nurished. He's a happy, healthy boy :)
03/29/17 | Sarah

Very happy

After reading the ingredients in U.K. Cat food I found a lot contained animal derivatives or barely any actual meat content. Most also include sugar whiched shocked me. I wanted to find a wet cat food that was as close to a cats natural diet as possible but also one that was affordable. The trial packs are brilliant as our fussy little furball was on a nothing but fish strike. No problem transitioning him onto it, no litter tray issues and he likes every flavour but one. Also, not sure if it was the food or his age but his temprement also changed. He's so much more chilled out and relaxed and seems to be since he's been eating good quality food without any sugar in it.
03/07/17 | Phil

Thumbs up from the ragamuffins

The cats love this food a firm favorite right from the start, I go for the meat in jelly versions, the food smells good but you will need to give it a good stir in a bowl if you are sharing between several cats as the jelly separates from the meat. A great high meat content cat food. Good work Bozita.
03/03/17 | Amanda

Improved my cats coat!

I'm honestly so happy I found this food. My 3 all cats love it! The boxes are convient to store, easy to open and a good design. You can tell the quality is so much better than supermarket products, it's really good value for money as well. But with that all said the best thing is that it has improved my cats coat! One of my cats fur use to be so oily and rough, few months on this food and it's changed to being fluffy, and so so soft! Nothing else has changed in his lifestyle so I'm putting it down to this food. Can't recommend it enough.
02/12/17 | Charlie

Slow starter, now a favourite

Enjoyed the option of chunks in a high quality, grain-free food for my cats who have eaten whiska-type food for many years. One cat loves eating this food while the other was not keen initially, turned his nose up at it. Eventually he also started eating it happily and I will definitely buy this product again in a larger pack. Enjoyed being able to have a variety and having less beef than brands like Animonda. Tetrapaks are also handy for storage & recycling - so much easier than tins.

Great stuff!

My 6 cats all love the shrimp variety (I buy this variety out of ethical concern, I've read that shrimp suffer less than many other animal species due to the way their nervous system works, so I always try to choose this variety). They go crazy for it and they are really thriving on it. Once I've served the food, one of my cats usually insists on cleaning the inside of the pack with his paw until there isn't a drop of gravy left! Really good and healthy stuff :)

good for my cats teeth

My cat loves bozita, its very soft for his teeth, which he has problems with. There is also a lot of jelly or gravy that he loves. It has taken a long time to find his favourite food and will always use this now.
02/05/17 | Stuart McHattie

Tasty and you can tell it's good quality

In my opinion these are one of the best value wet foods you can buy for your feline friends. The boxes are super convenient because they stack well, open easily and stand up in the fridge between meals. The quality of the food is great, a small amount of sauce and big chunks of meat. Our boys lap it up and they both have a spring in their step. One of our boys had cystitis and the answer turned out to be more wet food in his diet. These are one we found he loves and the cystitis hasn't come back.
12/17/16 | Jackie

More please.

My two cats love this cat food a carton of Bozita and dried food between them is enough a day. I like the mixed trial packs as it is a good variety of flavours and if there is one they are not as keen on i'm not stuck with it.
04/25/16 | Juno

Our cat loves this healthy food

Our cat has been eating this food for 3 years and she licks her plate clean every meal. When we first adopted her we searched for a non grain-based food, and we settled on Bozita because it is healthy but also such good value. She is nearly 9 years old now but very healthy, active, with a shiny coat and our vet always remarks on this at her checkups. There's such a range of flavours too and it's nice to give her this variety.
04/09/16 | Alan

Two British cats *love* this food

My two British shorthairs have tried - and loved - both the reindeer and the beef varieties. The reindeer in particular always has them licking their bowls clean and purring contentedly!

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