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93% meat!

You cannot get any better wet food than Bozita, as it contains nothing more or less than what a cat needs. Our cats are VERY picky and they will only eat this when they feel like it.. so unfortunately I can't give it a 5, but the quality of this food is incredible and everyone should try Bozita as some point - if your cat is not as picky as ours, they will thank you!
27/04/17 | Donna
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She seems to like it!

She has been eating cosma chicken for a while - thought I would give this a try and bought a small trial selection. She wolfed the first couple of helpings down, then had a bit of a strop the next morning - but ate it eventually. I was concerned at first that she had slightly looser stools (but not enough to worry about) AND very smelly poo - but that seems to have lessened now she's got used to it. She's on box 2 - will see how it goes
22/12/16 | A Breen
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Best buy so far

Male BSH kitten - Dante - needed a cat food that he could eat as could our 3 female adult cats (as the naughty boy will often push in when they're eating). He loves this food as do our female cats. At approx. 3-4 pouches worth per carton this will save on money in the long term. Also this means they are getting superior meat content without any harmful additives etc. I will be buying Bozita from now on.
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had to convince my cat

The gravy version is very wet. There is a lot of liquid as well as meaty chunks. My cat definitely preferred the jelly version to begin with. I had to mush the meat chunks with the gravy to convince him to eat it but I think he's used to it and taken a liking to it now. I don't have to mush it up anymore. My cat is 4kg, I generally feed him one pack (a bit less than one pack really) of bozita a day in 2-3 portions. The packs are very easy to open and reseal.
09/05/15 | Mary Stothard
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a mixed pack would be great

My cat likes most of the flavours,but likes a different flavour each day, so a mixed pack would be much better.