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Tigerino Special Care clumping cat litter is highly absorbent and very economical. Made from natural clay, it is virtually dust-free and uses innovative technology to make life more pleasant for you and your cat.

3 products
3 products

Bright white clumping cat litter with a pleasant, fresh smell, it is hygienic, very economical, low in dust and clumps quickly. The Blue Signal System makes it easy to scoop only the soiled litter.

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12 litre

€1.61 / l

Economy Pack: 2 x 12 litre

individually priced €38.58


€1.48 / l

Premium clumping litter made from natural bentonite, with a fresh baby powder scent. Ideal for multi-cat households. Very absorbent and virtually dust-free. With activated carbon for stubborn odours.

Delivery in 3-6 working days
2 Varieties from

€1.56 / l

Economy Pack: 2 x 12l

individually priced €37.38


€1.42 / l

Very effective clumping litter with coconut shell active carbon that binds nasty odours. Made from 100% natural clay, it is very absorbent, yet gentle on the paws. It has a delicate baby powder scent.

Delivery in 3-6 working days
1 Varieties from
14 litre

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€1.46 / l

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