Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided
Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided
Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided
Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided
Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided
Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided
Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided
Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided

Kerbl Pet Octagonal Run with Sun Protection - 8 Sided

Large, foldable galvanised run with pegs and sun protection....further information
Product description
Excellent run for my bunnys: "This run is excellent for my bunnys I love it they love it the only thing is is rhe cover that's keeps then in from hopping out or animals getting in so I'm probably gott...

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8 elements, 57 x 56 cm each
Nylon base (Run not included)

Product description

Large, foldable galvanised run with pegs and sun protection.

Get your pet out into the fresh air! This galvanised run is easy to fold up and transport. It comes with pegs which can both keep the run up and fix it securely to the lawn. It can also be erected on a hard surface. The included sun protection gives shade and should be installed over at least part of the run to protect your pet from the fierce rays of the sun. A door at the side gives access and can be used to attach a house or den.
The run separates into several elements, so its size can be varied:
  • 8 elements of 57 x 56 cm each, detachable
  • Grid size: 3 cm x 11 cm
  • Diameter of erected run with all 8 elements: 143 cm
  • Door size: 33 x 33 cm
  • Including Sun Protection Cover - We recommend that you never leave your pets in the pen without the sunshade
  • Please note: The run and nylon base are sold seperately.
Please note: Do not leave your pet unsupervised in the run. Never leave your pet alone with toys or items likely to cause injury.

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Latest user reviews

10/09/20 | Amy Caffrey
: 5/5

Excellent run for my bunnys

This run is excellent for my bunnys I love it they love it the only thing is is rhe cover that's keeps then in from hopping out or animals getting in so I'm probably gotta have to buy a replacement in a few weeks over all its excellent
27/05/20 | Magdalena
: 4/5

Quite good for it's price

I got the octagonal run today. Very easy to put together and quite big I would say as for it's price. The only problem I have with the run is the fact that you need extra - perhaps tent pegs- to attach it better to the ground. What's included in the package will not hold the run for too long as the piece of metal that holds it together is too short. Also, you would need to put extra wire to put the walls of the run together but that's a minor thing. Overall, I would recommend this run.
: 5/5

Happy pigs

I bought this as an indoor run for my 2 piggies and it's ideal especially when I'm cage cleaning. I've also used it outside occasionally in the garden but secured it with a few tent pegs at the bottom. I wouldn't recommend leaving your furries outside in it for too long without supervision but it's great if you're around and about. The sunshade you get with it is not fab but helps a little. For the price you can't complain!
13/10/17 | Brandon
: 2/5


Terrible run. Very difficult to put pieces together, some don't even fit. Had to bend the metal to get it to lock together on more than a few pieces. When together not very sturdy, pieces come apart easily with a slight movement of the cage. Would not buy again, would not recommend .
23/07/16 | Shannon
: 4/5

Good for price

Nice pen, good price! You would probably need an extra person to help assemble it. I am using this indoors in the sitting room. My 5 month old French Lop X can jump over it when in the pen and wants out however, and he nearly broke his back and leg when he underestimated the height and landed awkwardly, so I have to leave the net over it at all times, which is a shame. I'm happy he has the little extra space to roam around when I'm not there though.
24/04/14 | suzie
: 4/5

happy guineas

I bought this last summer from zooplus for my 4 guineas to use as a run for grazing. Was really pleased. I bought a small den to go with it, also from zooplus, and now i use it all year round. Some accessories to go with it and its a guinea pig haven with loads of space and easy to move around the garden. I swap and change which guinea pigs to go in it as i have two males and two females. So those that are not in it liue in the hutch so i may consider buyin a 2nd one. My only complaint is that because it can be very fiddly my bucks have figured how to stick their heads underneath the bars and push up the whole side to get out underneath and into the garden. This happened a few times but its avoidable if the ground is firm enough to hold the pins in. Still, am very happy with the run.
08/09/12 | Clare Beardwell
: 5/5

Fantastic run,Fantastic service

Bought this for my rabbit.Absolutely fantastic.Plenty of space and so easy to assemble.Fantastic service also.Ordered on Thursday,arrived on Saturday.
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: 4/5


i got this for my 2 rabbits reading some reviews was making me doubt my decision to buy it, i ordered it in the afternoon and it was there the next day so great delivery, higher than i had pictured so my 2 rabbits wont escape, and the overall size is fab. It didnt have instructions, but if you use common sence it isnt hard to work out how to put it up. we wont be buying the base as the reviews are not great so instead have got a massive blanket for under it.
03/01/12 | Angie C
: 5/5


I am so pleased with this run. I've had something like this a few years back and the cover was rubbish, but this one has a cover that not only has a shade part but also gives me the peace of mind my bunnies won't get out and will be safe from the local cats. I've got 2 of these and I plan on getting the floor when it comes back in stock. I will be getting a few more to update the rest of my runs soon.
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18/11/11 | Katie
: 3/5

A bit fiddly

I was pleased to get a run which could be used both indoors and outdoors so cheaply, however I have found it to be quite awkward to use. You have to insert long pins into the joins to put it together and I have yet to find a way to fold it fully without taking the whole thing apart. Sometimes I struggle to get the bottom to sit flush to the floor. I wish I had got the other type which have fixed joins so I didn't have to mess around with the pins (which when used indoors stick up about 5cm above the run so the cover wouldn't attach too well if you need to protect against resident cats or the like) This is a good size for my two guinea pigs, and is flexible in terms of the size and shape you choose to set it up as. My daughter can sit in there and play with them I don't think this run offers much protection against predators so I would never leave my guinea pigs alone outside for a minute. But this is reasonable for a cheap, basic run.
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09/09/11 | Graeme Radtke
: 5/5

Perfect for Bunnies and Guinea Pigs

My Bunnies and GPs love this run as they have plenty of space. It is also versatile and you can join two or more together for an even bigger run. With the nylon bottom (bought separately), you can also use it indoors as a playpen or just somewhere to put your furry friends whilst you clean their hutch. I also put the Trixie small pet house (also separate)just outside the run door with the ramp opening into the run, they can have shelter and not lose any space in the run. Excellent value for money!
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22/08/11 | leona orange
: 5/5

brilliant run/playpen for bunnies

didnt really know what to expect as this was advertised at such a low price, anyway got it delivered and out up straight away without much effort. cant fault this run one bit, its a brilliant size and can be made smaller if u dont have much space you would just use less of the sections.i have left mine outside at night in the rain and u cant tell as not one bit of rust on it. the sun canopy is excellent too as protects from the sun and any cats!!!! my bunny loves it and we can use it on concrete to get its nails down, grass and even indoors. u really wont get a cheaper priced run anywere, im possitive all ones i looked at were around £55. defo 5*s
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28/09/10 | charlie neller
: 5/5

octagonal run with sun protection - 8 sided

this is brilliant! it would of cost me 50 - 60 pounds in the shop. my rabbits love it and i know they are safe. easy to put up and my 4 yr old daughter fits in to play with the rabbits too!
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10/07/10 | nicky
: 5/5

great value for money

very pleased with this pen, expected it to be flimsy due to the price, but its not great value for money and comes with the sun protection and ne. highly recomended
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