Ferret Snacks & Supplements

Give your ferret a treat or reward between meals. Look at our Ferret shop for lots of nutritious and healthy ferret snacks.
    5 products
    5 products

    Cold-pressed oil that supports the skin in cases of dermatosis (skin diseases) and excessive shedding. Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny, thick coat.

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    Hemp Oil Feed

    Valuable food supplement for pets with allergic reactions and fur and coat problems, boosts the immune system, increase vitality and energy, for dogs, cats and other pets

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    Delicious meaty snacks by Dokas, low in fat and tasty, with 93% pure meat, no added sugar, variety for your pet, strip snacks, also suitable for cats and ferrets 

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    Dried Rabbit Meat (70g)
    €2.19€31.29 / kg
    Saver Pack: 3 x 70g Dried Rabbit Meat
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    Duck Strips (250g)
    €4.99€19.96 / kg
    Saver Pack: 2 x 250g Duck Strips
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    Chicken Breast Strips (250g)
    €4.99€19.96 / kg

    The ideal combination for supporting your cat, with a Multi-Vitamin Paste containing an immune-boosting complex and a Malt Soft Extra Paste with anti-hairball complex, for natural health support.

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    2 x 50 g
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    Food supplement for ferrets, a tasty paste on salmon basis, with essential taurine and vitamins for a strong immune system and a glossy coat, sugar-free, exclusive to zooplus!

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    75 g
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    2 x 75 g
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