Jack Russell

Jack Russell
The Jack Russell is generally characterised by his extremely friendly nature. He is lively and very loyal. As a hunting dog, the Jack Russell Terrier needs a lot of exercise. In everyday life, his hunting instinct can be satisfied, for example, by throwing games. The Jack Russell should be brushed once a week. You should also check the teeth and ears regularly. You can prevent tartar with the help of special chewing snacks.
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2 products
2 products

Dry food for adult Jack Russell Terriers over 1 year old, with a breed-specific recipe rich in poultry and animal protein, designed to support digestion, immune system and skin health.

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Tailored dry food for adult Jack Russell Terriers over the age of 10 months, with an ideal kibble including calcium binder, along with adapted levels of protein combined with borage oil and fish oil.

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