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Lillebro XXL Fat Balls

Product description

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2 x 500g XXL Fat Balls
(€2.29 / kg)
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Product description

These top quality XXL size fat balls are a tasty food for wild birds. Each fat ball is in an individual net and comes in a pack of 2 x 500g. Ragweed seed (ambrosia artemisiifolia) tested.
Lillebro Fat Balls are now available in XXL size . This is a great way to ensure that the fat balls you hang up in your garden last a long time, providing a steady supply of food for the wild birds.
Lillebro Fat Balls are a completely natural product with a balanced mix of grain and dried fruit. During the colder season they are not only a great source of energy for wild birds but also provide them with all the important minerals they need. The fat in fat balls (including the fat from sunflower seeds) helps wild birds to build up the necessary food reserves they need to see them through a long, cold winter.
Each Lillebro XXL fat ball weighs 500g and is available in a double pack.
Frost and snow conditions can make it difficult for wild birds to find enough food. These fat balls will help them to get through cold, barren winters and it gives you the chance to observe them feeding in your garden.

Lillebro fat balls are made with care and tested for ragweed seed (ambrosia artemisiifolia).


Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
When feeding in extreme cold, squeeze the fat balls slightly before putting them outside

As well as feeding the wild birds, please make sure that they also have water and somewhere to shelter. This will help to make them feel welcome and secure, and also encourage them to return.


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