Lillebro Wild Bird Food

: 4/5
Premium wild bird food for all-year feeding. Made with a variety of grains, seeds and energy-rich nuts. Species appropriate; ragweed seed (ambrosia artemisiifolia) tested....further information
Product description
Lillebro Wild Bird Food
Lillebro Wild Bird Food
Lillebro Wild Bird Food
Lillebro Wild Bird Food
Lillebro Wild Bird Food
Lillebro Wild Bird Food
Lillebro Wild Bird Food
Lillebro Wild Bird Food


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Product description

Premium wild bird food for all-year feeding. Made with a variety of grains, seeds and energy-rich nuts. Species appropriate; ragweed seed (ambrosia artemisiifolia) tested.

Wild birds have to cope with an ever-dwindling natural supply of food, especially in urban areas. You can help by providing wild birds with a balanced mix of selected seeds and grains which are suitable for all-year feeding, such as Lillebro Wild Bird Food.

Lillebro Wild Bird Food is made of a species appropriate, balanced mix of seeds and grains. It is tested for ragweed seed (ambrosia artemisiifolia) and the wild birds in your garden will love it.

We recommend that you protect the feeding area from wind, rain and snow and that it is cleaned regularly. This will encourage the birds to return. Birds love Lillebro Wild Bird Food and it is suitable for feeding throughout the year.


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Grain (wheat, sorghum, maize, buckwheat), seeds (sunflower seeds, wild seeds, white millet), nuts (peanuts)

Analytical constituents

protein11.7 %
fat8.3 %
fibre10.4 %
ash2.3 %
moisture11.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation
As well as feeding the wild birds, please make sure that they also have water and somewhere to shelter. This will help to make them feel welcome and secure, and also encourage them to return.


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Latest user reviews

23/03/21 | Karen Jones
: 1/5

wild bird seed

Very little nutritious seeds...lots of grain that the birds would not eat so there was a huge amount of waste...definitely wouldnt order it again
: 3/5

Birds eat it but don’t keep an open bag in your home

Birds like it (they’re not fussy), however after a week of having an open bag inside, I had a weevil infestation.
: 5/5

Excellent bird food

Food is first-rate, doesn't make a mess and it is reasonably priced.
: 5/5

Very impressed

I first ordered Lillebro at the end of October (it was on offer) and I am thrilled. I always feed my garden birds, but since I started feeding Lillebro, they flock to my garden! It must be delicious! I've since ordered over 30kg of this food and will continue to only buy this food. It makes me happy to see how much the birds enjoy this food.
: 5/5

Lillebro Wild Bird Food

The birds enjoy this all-year round!
14/04/14 | Shebro
: 5/5

Excellent wild bird food

I have used this and the wild birds love it and it attracts a wide range of birds, from small ones to the larger varieties. It is also good value and I would recommend for anyone wanting to introduce and preserve wild birds in their gardens.
Originally published in
: 5/5

I like this

And have ordered it for years. The birds and squirrels are really happy with this good quality food. I can't understand what some people are moaning about. Of course there are "better" mixes in the shop on the high street, but take a look at the price of these mixes. I think this is great value for money and I will carry on buying it each winter.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Greedy birds

I put 1 kg out in a feeder a few days ago and they have eaten it all except for a few seeds. Not that I begrudge the birds a good feast. I add some sunflower seeds for the bluetits. It's also great value for that price.
Originally published in
: 5/5

All gone!

First of all I fed the birds a mix where they always left a lot, but it didn't make a mess as there were no empty shells. There are empty shells with this mix but I am happy to clear them away because the birds eat absolutely everything. Sparrows, great tits, green finches, black birds – they are all eating this food.
: 5/5

Great price and the birds love it

This food for wild birds is a great price and the birds in my garden really like it. I only have to fill the food dispenser and it is empty within a short time.
: 3/5

Good quality at a good price

I have ordered this food several times now because all sorts of birds enjoy it. I tend to mix some black and striped sun flower seeds with it. I put out so much bird food that I have to look at the price of things.
: 5/5

Spoilt birds?

The birds in my garden love this food so I find it hard to understand why some people are saying that the birds don't like it. We will be sticking with this food and give it a big thumbs up!
: 5/5

A real feast for birds

The birds in our garden adore Lillebro bird food. We can hardly keep up with keeping the bird dispenser filled. I really like that there are no additives, and that it is not packed with artificial vitamins.