18/11/11 | Katie
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A bit fiddly

I was pleased to get a run which could be used both indoors and outdoors so cheaply, however I have found it to be quite awkward to use. You have to insert long pins into the joins to put it together and I have yet to find a way to fold it fully without taking the whole thing apart. Sometimes I struggle to get the bottom to sit flush to the floor. I wish I had got the other type which have fixed joins so I didn't have to mess around with the pins (which when used indoors stick up about 5cm above the run so the cover wouldn't attach too well if you need to protect against resident cats or the like) This is a good size for my two guinea pigs, and is flexible in terms of the size and shape you choose to set it up as. My daughter can sit in there and play with them I don't think this run offers much protection against predators so I would never leave my guinea pigs alone outside for a minute. But this is reasonable for a cheap, basic run.