11/05/17 | Helen

Peggy loves it

My shitzu peggy had awful problems with bladder Crystals Since being on this food she’s been crystal free for nearly 2 years now. The price on zooplus is so much better than purchasing the food from my vets.
01/27/16 | Alec Bell Online name "Hnery".

Peace of mind at last

Dennis is a West Highland Terrier that initially suffered from skin, paw and ear infections. Always on steroids and antibiotics. A new Vet at the practice suggested |I fed him on Hills canine ZD wet and dry food, AND NOTHING ELSE! This has been so effective. He is now a happy Westie with none of his previous problems and I am talking about several years trouble free.
11/28/14 | originally published in zooplus.be


Wonderful: I ordered this food on Sunday and the delivery came on Wednesday lunchtime, packaged nicely with a bonus voucher and gift treats for my Loulou. I am delighted with the service and speed and I highly recommend Zooplus.

Hill's Prescription Diet Canine c/d

Very helpful in my dog's recovery. Hills has been such a great brand for us that we're sticking with it. Our dog is much more mobile now and healthier!
08/12/14 | originally published in zooplus.nl

Hills diet nutrition

We would love to try the wet food next!
04/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Perfect for the treatment and prevention of struvite stones

Tinkerbell, my small dog, underwent an operation 4 years ago to remove a large stone from her bladder.They analysed it and the stone had been taking up practically all the space in her bladder, forcing her to pee continuously. It was discovered that it was a deposit of struvite, minerals, phosphate, ammonium hydroxide and magnesium. Our vet recommended that we use this Hills CD continuously. Since then Tinkerbell has had no problems, and the pH values of the urine are sufficiently acidic due to the food. She also eats it with such voracity that I have to assume she loves the taste of it.
04/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.pl

Recommended by vet

The vet recommended that we use this food, and I was personally unsure. After 3 weeks of using it we did an X ray and his kidneys were really in a much better condition. I was surprised, but seeing those effects on my doggy I'm not changing the food for another one :)
02/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.nl

works great

A few years ago my labrador was peeing blood and we saw on the ultrasound that she had urinary stones in her bladder. Now I've been using it for 3 years on the advice of my vet and it's great.
02/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.dk

Fantastic food

Our lovely labrador just had some urine samples taken and they're great, and this is surely down to our using this diet ever since he was diagnosed with crystals in the urinary tract. He's in fine form and his urine is fine now.
01/29/14 | originally published in zooplus.dk

This is really good

We have three small dogs and one began peeing inside, so we drove to the vet and he got some urine samples done. It turned out he had crystals and impurities, and then we checked the other two dogs and they had the same result. Our vet asked us what food we used and we told him we just bought the normal food from the pet store. He told us that many dogs get urinary problems from these foods, and advised we should try Hills CD and come back in one month. After the month we checked their urine again and it was all as it should be, with no things in it. And the first dog has stopped peeing inside. So we're really happy with this food!

it works

My dog had urinary leakage. Since he's been eating this kibble and I've been giving him more water, we've had no more problems.
06/03/13 | originally published in zooplus.be

Good product but only use on vet's advice

I've been using these croquettes on the advice of my vet. My dog wasn't drinking much and had crystals in his urine, so we were advised to use this food and it's going really well.

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