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Pretty sure I could teach my dogs to tapdance as long as this stuff is around.

I've been using this at my toilet training treat as it's so much more convenient to just grab the tube on the way out of the door, rather than a bag of biscuits. Another bonus is clean hands! My lurchers adore this stuff. They will sometimes start play fighting when they're on lead, and as large, strong dogs this can be an issue. They get so into it that it can be hard to break them up. With this in my hand I can get them to stop immediately, and calmly walk next to one another!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Dogs are loving it

I put some Tubidog in my dogs' KONG toys and they love it. I bought both Tubidog liver pate and poultry pate. The liver pate is great as well but I found the poultry pate a bit easier to squeeze out of the tube.