11/07/09 | A Flynn
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Jack Russell Cool Down

Very well made pool easy to fill and drain big enough to just cool down cant actually swim in it as its not deep enough but my jackos are loving jumping in and out i do feel its a bit on the expensive side but it is a very well made pool
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Large Pool Not Deep Enough For Terrier To Swim!

I read the previous review saying the large pool wasn't deep enough for a Newfoundland, but still bought it thinking it would be fine for an Irish Terrier, but no! It only goes up to the very bottom of his chest, so not deep enough for him to swim. Having said that it did last all summer up in the garden and he did enjoy splahing in it, so although not deep enough is about as good a dog pool as your gonna find on the market, would have thought someone would have seen the opportunity and need for dog pools for larger breeds, but haven't seen any about. PLEASE MAKE DEEPER AND BIGGER ONES......
08/05/09 | wilma howe
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we have 3 large Rottweillers, not ideal for all 3 to be in it together good size but wish there was a xxlarge one available, but good value, and ideal to bath the dogs in.easy to empty
28/01/08 | Sarah Starsmore
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Pools for BIG dogs!

We've got one of your large pools for our Newfoundland dog, and he loves it. It's well-made and robust; he hasn't managed to puncture it and it's easy to empty. BUT, please can you consider a bigger version for larger dogs? About 6" higher and twice the diameter would be perfect, and he wouldn't fill it whilst standing up to his ankles (do dogs have ankles?). He'd have so much fun, and I'm sure that owners of other large water-loving dogs would agree. Regards, Sarah (& Ralph the Newfie puppy)