02/08/18 | Lana


Two fussy bichons are enjoying this food. I ordered 4 different varieties and so far the boys go straight to the bowl and tuck in. No more incredulous looks saying, "You don't really expect me to eat this, do you?" We used to have to mix a bit of our leftovers into their food to get them to eat, but this food stands up on its own merits.
01/21/18 | Andrew

Vegetable byproduct 0,2%

Everything seems fine, dogs enjoyed beef/lamb/tripe, but it states on the three different flavours 0,2% vegetable byproduct?

Rinti mixed yum

My chorkie girlies just love this stuff, wolf it down, then look at me as though they haven't been fed! Love the ingredients which includes all of the animal so I know they are getting maximum nutrition. The price is great very affordable.


My dog struggled with allergies and skin problems and I was advised to change his food.Tried so much,incl.home cooking,then discovered Rinti. Very happy and no more scratching.I stay with this now,won't change again.

Best wet food we have found

We have used this for three years, a really good quality wet food that we use to mix with dry
07/29/15 | Char

Highly rate this feed!

This brand is excellent! JRT sensitive tummy & can have skin irritant issues. Tried him on loads of high quality feeds done ok but could do better. He has been on Rinti for a few months now, he is now full of energy at the age of eight, He also has a nice glossy coat. Most importantly he loves it, clean bowl all the time. Just add small amount of burns mixer to give it abit of crunch.
06/09/15 | Jo

Dogs love it

Our 2 dogs love this food, they cry at the smell alone, the meat looks good, 2 ginger dogs agree (see pics)
06/12/14 | Joanna

Fussy JRT loves this food

My 2 year old JRT is a fussy eater. I have tried everything - raw food, home cooked food and various quality canned foods (Lily's Kitchen, Lukullus, Naturediet etc), this is the only food she gets excited about and actually licks the bowl clean.
09/06/12 | Jane Cobley

Excellent product.

Two ex racing greyhounds with very sensitive stomachs!! This product has worked wonders for them. Good quality food at a reasonable price.
02/15/11 | Holger

smells and tastes good

My minibull really likes it and has no problem processing it. Smells lovely too. Price is ok too.

Keeping lean!

Our dog loves this and has had no problems with weight since we have been feeding this to him. He is fit, healthy and happy on Rinti!
02/18/10 | Nikki

Dogs love it

This is one of the few senior foods my dog will eat. he is a very fussy eater but always manages to eat the whole tin.
01/21/09 | Mr & Mrs Richard Broden

Good news on Rinti

In the past we fed our Geyhound on Winalot that frankly, did not smell very good and she sometimes did not eat it all. Since we started feeding her with Rinti pure meat, the smell is very enticing and she licks her bowl completely. She actually looks forward to the meal! Thank you!
10/29/07 | carolyn robinson


This is my 3 dogs all time favorite canned dog food. It looks good and there are clean bowls at every meal time. If you are looking for great quality food at a good price then buy this.

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