Good cat probiotic

Really good probiotic. Comes in small sachets. 1/2 of it per kitten/small cat a day settles upset tummy very quickly. My cat can be fussy with food but didn't mind it on top of her kibble!
03/14/22 | Carol Lester

Brilliant product for Very fussy cat!

I was worried that my " rescue" adult female cat wouldn't eat wet food. She will eat Royal Canin sensitive dry food but turns her nose up at the wet food. Well not any more! A sprinkle of this magic dust transforms the taste apparently and she gobbles it up! Initially I bought it to tempt her to eat wet food but I'm really glad that it's doing her stomach good too.
02/28/22 | Carol Lester

Magic Dust! My cat loves it and it does her good!

I bought this after researching ways to get my 4 year old adopted stray cat to eat wet food. She would only eat dry food (Royal Canin sensible) but I wanted her to have some wet food in her diet too as a balance. As soon as I sprinkled some of this powder into her wet food and mixed it up she wolfed down the lot! So, it's a win win situation because it's a Probiotic it's helping her gut flora too. It has fantastic reviews online in helping cats with diarrhea and vomiting so I'm very pleased .
08/06/21 | Sue Gardener

Brilliant fir helping kittens tummies

Just 1/2 a sachet for a kitten and it sorted out dodgy tummy almost straight away. Only needed for several days to permanently fix problem. Great if antibiotics upset cats tummy

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