09/13/20 | Auriane


My kitten really loves them

Excellent product

This is the only brand of food that keeps my kittens poops firm. They love it and have lovely shiny coats too.
11/29/18 | Amanda


My two british shorthair’s love there food they run when they hear me opening the bag. Its by far there favour food. Turned there nose up at most other brands.

My cats must have this food.

I have fed my cats this food for approximately 7 years, ever since I got my oldest cat. I have 6 now and they all love it, I have tried changing their food a number of times but they end up following me around meowing for Royal Canin! Just tried again and have had to come back for more today. The only thing I will complain about is the price hike in recent weeks, it used to cost just under £40 but now closed to £50.
07/09/18 | Anna

Kitten Loves It!

We got this for our kitten, I was unsure how she would take to it since it wasn't what she was previously given but she loves it!
05/31/18 | Sharon McCrone

Awesome even after we've grown up!!

Our two boys are now 5 years old and they STILL eat these biscuits and LOVE them! I've tried other makes and they DON'T agree with them at all. Just opened a 10kg bag & Peanut & Ollie tried to climb inside! If they could have stayed in and eaten the biscuits, I'm sure they would have! My daughter says they'd end up needing 'rolled out' like the big 'orange & black stripy cat' in comic books ....Garfield!!!
01/01/18 | Cole

Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it
06/09/17 | Cam

Perfect dry food for Ragdolls

Both of my Ragdolls kittens are eating this food and enjoying it! They are full of energy and their coat is thick and shiny. The breeder recommended it to me and I will definitely keep using it.
04/03/17 | Klaudia


My Ragdoll kitten loves this food!!! Would highly recommend it to everyone! My cat is healthy and his coat is so beautiful!
02/23/17 | Terri Smith

Kitten Seal of Approval!

I switched over to this for our two kittens as the previous dry food was giving them terrible smelly gas! I also have noticed that their poo is firmer, which makes for easier litter box cleaning and they seem to enjoy it. Will be sticking to this and moving to the sterilised version in a couple of weeks as they are going in for their 'snip'!
02/06/17 | Robin


Excellent food for Persian kitten. She is growing fast and her fur is luxurious. Also recommended by her breeder.

saved my kitten's life

One of my kitten's was so ill that she couldn't move. Every kitten biscuit upset her stomach. She loves these, she has made an incredible recovery & is full of life now. She is filling out nicely, her coat is thickening up & she has so much strength & energy. I wouldn't consider feeding her anything but these. The other kittens love these too.

saved my kitten's life

I have three kittens. One was so poorly she couldn't stand up & was nearly dead. These are the only biscuits that don't upset her stomach. She has made an incredible recovery & is bigger than the other two now. The others love these too & empty the dish.
07/08/16 | Alex

My cat loves it

My cat is cray about treats and the dry food is also good. He ate it in a min 👍🏻
11/29/15 | Sharon


Our two cats LOVE these! Fill up their bowls and they're like mini hoovers, can't keep up with them! Tried them on other makes and they don't bother with them.
10/09/15 | Hayley

Good, healthy food

Our kitten's really like this food and I have noticed that their fur is softer and sleeker since eating it.


I understand that Royal Canin aren't big on their meat content, however they have a very good nutrient count (and smell lovely unlike most dry food!)If you are feeding your cat a good quality/high meat content wet food, it doesn't really matter too much if your dry food isn't 80% meat like some are (but made up of derivatives etc), in fact my kitten won't eat Applaws dry due to being too rich/stinky! You won't go wrong with these
06/16/14 | Barbara Brown

Happy Cat and Hedgehogs

Rile loves Royal Canin Outdoor. He adopted us four years ago. This food is perfect for him, he has a lovely coat and has an ideal weight of 4kg. He also has 1 pouch of Royal Canin Instinctive daily. He prefers kibbles to pouches, but eats all of his pouch. The hedgehogs which visited my garden last year loved Royal Canin. This was recommended by the Hedgehog Preservation Trust. There were four babies born in my garage. Two have started visiting this year. They do enjoy Royal Canin!! Excellent value, quick delivery, I am very pleased with Zooplus.
06/08/14 | Michelle

Fussy Cats love this

I have two fussy cats who for no reason will just decide not to eat the food I have bought, however since changing to Royal Canin Sterilised they have loved it and no problems. Great to buy food now in 10Kg bags, easy and convenient.
05/02/14 | originally published in zooplus.de


My two cats and my dog all eat Royal Canin. In the shops it's very expensive but you can buy it much more cheaply online. very good quality. it doesn't smell bad, so the cat's poo is also not too stinky :) before I started using this, and was using another brand, the whole flat used to stink of poo. one of my cats is very picky when it comes to her food but has been eating this for a year without any problems. would definitely recommend

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