12/06/15 | Mrs Wolfberry

Loved by everyone in my household.

We have small dogs, two cats and ferrets so when i purchased this bed i didn't have a particular animal in mind but knew it would be used and loved by someone especially with the 2 in 1 design. My 5kg dog keeps getting inside it and was briefly joined by my kitten. My kitten has been found inside it a few times. Four ferrets snuggled on it during playtime. But the biggest surprise was my older cat who adores it, the turtle is on the end of my bed with his heat disc or electric heat pad.
03/13/14 | Mrs B S Butcher

Zack's new home

I bought this for my cat Zack who is nearly 18 years old, my other cats just sniffed it and our youngest cat Patch did investigate inside. We were looking around for Zack and we finally found him cuddled up inside the tortoise, he seems to like it in there and now spends most of the day in there. Really pleased with this item. My husband thought it would be a waste of money and was going to bet me he would not use it, but YES we proved him wrong and I should have taken the bet. I have great satisfaction that it was worth every penny.

A wicked bed

My little man absolutely loves this bed, it's Very cute and he sleeps in it for hours, he also likes sleeping on top when it's warm, well worth every penny.

Love this bed

I bought this product because it looks cute, my cat loves it, he goes inside when it's cold and curls up on top when it's warm, this was well worth the money
03/12/13 | Christiana

Simply puuurfect!

This product is extremely well made-and the material is lovely. . It really looks like a large turtle and inside is spacious and comfortable. The opening is of a good size. My cat loves going in it especially when we have quests where she enjoys the company from her secure base... And she looks so very cute in it. I recommend it for any size of cat even large breeds. I can only congratulate the person who designed this perfect cat bed!
09/10/12 | Clare D


A great size cave bed that is really cute but practical aswell!!! The bed forms like a proper Turtle shape with a opening for your pet to enter into its 'cave' or you can push the cave sectoin down to form a open bed. Used either way the bed looks really cosy.
09/06/12 | claire cree

super cool

brilliant concept. very spacious lots of room to stretch out. my boy also likes to play hide and seek in it too.
07/26/12 | Karen Rowland

Nice quality, fun item.

My two Bengals love this bed. Sometimes they sit on top of it so it converts into a bed, or it can be pushed up and be made into a den. A nice quality item and well made.

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