09/16/18 | Justine

Cat camp tent

Cheap . Got for kittens rods burst through material didn't have much use now in bin.

Cats don't like it

I bought this to put in my cats outdoor run for a sun shelter but they refuse to go into it, perhaps it's too small for them as they are Ragdolls

Good fun & value but awful colour!

I got one of these a good year ago and my cat Alfie really enjoys his in the summer. He wasn't bothered having it up in the house but in the bright mid summer sun, I pitch with its pegs on my lawn and he goes in to get some shade/peace! It's not the toughest fabric so it's got quite badly clawed but isn't expensive. However it's really annoying that you can't choose a colour and can get one randomly allocated. Both mine and my mum's are neom yellow (really fluorescent bright) which I wouldn't want in house and stands out a mile in my little garden. I would pay extra to get a blue one :)
01/20/13 | misha

Not sure

My 2 playful cats just dont bother with this, they went inside the day it arrived but thats been it. It sometimes gets knocked over when they are playing with other toys, but they take no other interest in sitting in it or playing in it. I also put one in the garden near their watching place, but they dont go in it even in the rain.

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