08/07/21 | Agnes
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Lovely tuna

Food is very nice, you can see the flakes of the fish, has very high fish protein content. It is soft, easily falls out of the can and my cat visibly enjoys eating it. Plain tuna is her favourite, she does not like changes, so I stopped buying other varieties, but she liked them too when she got used to them. The size of the can is very well thought: a whole meal for a very hungry kitty. The smaller cans are also very handy for a snack. I love how the small one has one prawn in it, so funny.
04/02/16 | Alex Atkinson
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It's 4 paws up from my cats

My 1 year old only likes tuna so I decided to try Schesir. I purchased Tuna with Aloe and the Algae varieties hoping it would cater for her taste. She literally licks the bowl clean. My 1.5 year old also loves. Much as they still have the complete dry food available at all times as this is just complimentary food, at least I know they are getting the moisture they need form this food,
08/06/14 | Jenny Hemming
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Fussy cats

This wet food, all flavours, is the only food all 10 of my cats love! Even the fussiest eater will wolf it down!, I give it to pregnant and lactating cats once a day as a treat, the rest of them have it as a treat twice a week. What a pity it is not a 'complete' food! I have recommended it to friends who have poorly cats, to help get them eating again.
28/04/13 | Berni Varley
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Empty bowl promise!

Schesir is the only wet food my picky raggie will touch. She especially loves the tuna flavours. It smells and looks so good that I might start serving it for the rest of the family!

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