26/02/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Picky kitten loves this!

My picky kitten was rejecting everything but loved this food straight away, expensive but worth it so that he finally eats. (Not to be confused with the royal canin kitten in jelly - he hates this one)
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Very good

Great stuff, kitten loves it
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
20/08/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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All gone

We’ve been using this for a couple of months, my kitten licks the bowl clean after every meal. Must be delicious
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
05/03/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Royal canin kitten food

I have tried a few brands of top brand kitten food but they didn't agree with my kittens tum, so we tried royal canin, my kitten loves it he purrs as he eats it and it's ok on his tum.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
13/12/18 | Victoria Trondsen
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My kitty loves it!

My kitty has been a fan of this one since the first time she tasted it. She eats all of it in her bowl and licks it clean. She loooves the sauce
26/11/18 | Robbie
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The only Food my British Shorthair will eat!

I have the fussiest British SH, who is so picky about what he eats. I have tried most of the top brands on the market and the wet food he loves the most is RC wet (Hairball) in pouches. He is not a big eater so I can get 3 portions out of one pouch. The only DRY food he eats as well happens to be Royal Canin for British Shorthair - KITTEN
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This food is unbeatable for regular feeding

My two Persian rescue cats love this food. They have been eating it as their chief food for several months and have never gotten tired of it or had any upset. I give them a dry food supplement and occasionally another type of Royal Canine, but this is their staple.
07/09/18 | Ian Mclean
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Great food.

My Maine coon kitten is nine months old, he loves this food as well as the Maine coon kitten dry food.
09/07/18 | Anna
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Excellent quality

We originally tried a different brand and because we had the Royal Canin dry food we thought we'd try our kitten on this. She loves it and prefers this to her previous food. Well worth it
30/05/18 | Rachael
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Just what he needed!!

My 2 year old cat was recently diagnosed with cystitis. Having never showed symptoms before, within less than 1 week of them beginning, he was hospitalised at the vets and had to be catheterised. Within a 3 week period, he had 2 stay overs at the vets and numerous check ups. During the flare up, he was eating Royal Canin Urinary S/O to dissolve the crystals. The vets recommended he has a urinary care diet. Since he has been on this, he has had 1 flare up. I add extra water to all of his wet food
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great value great for kidney compromised cats

I love this food my 17 year old cat, enjoys it its low in phosphorus, and not chicken based. Which is fantastic if u have a cat with a chicken allergy. My sweetpea has kidney issues and hyperthyroidism, she hates the kidney diets but this is by far the best stand in for managing kidney issues, and she loves it. Also the biscuits are preferred by our older male cats. The price is great for the quantities we go through
18/05/18 | Tanja Williams
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Fussy cat

My cat loves this product. She has a sensitive stomach and was overweight. This product helped her loose some weight.
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Amazing results

My two rescue Persian cats look so much healthier and their coats so much fuller and silky with this food. They really like it.
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Perfect for long-hair

My rescue Persians are thriving on this food. They like it and they are much more comfortable digesting the inevitable fur.
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Our Siberian kitten with a very sensitive tummy, loves this food, will always eat it. Contains small chunks of meat that hes happy to eat.
04/02/18 | Clair longbottom
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Excellent value

Our rag doll won’t eat anything else than Royal Canin, value for money and so easy to order.
22/01/18 | Mrs T Knight
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Just what the vet ordered!

My 11 year old cat has recently been diagnosed with crystals in his urine which caused a blockage that required emergency catheterisation and a 2 day stay at the vets. he now needs a special diet to meet his specific needs. This wet food is 100% IDEAL and cost less too. Perfect all round. Im able to buy in bulk and get it delivered to my door within a couple of days.
21/01/18 | Pluto's mum
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RC Urinary Care cat food

Our cat (who has had struvite urethral blockages and stress cystitis) really likes this food both wet and dry varieties. After his initial treatment and special urinary diet for dissolving the struvites, we wanted to give him a urinary maintenance diet he enjoys. We've tried other brands like Hill's which he would eat but he cleans the plate of this brand! Our vet approves it as a suitable urinary maintenance diet for our cat too. Happy cat!
27/12/17 | Natalie Brightwell
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5 Star all the way!

Excellent quality product my kittens love it!
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Excellent product

My cat loves this food. He knows which cupboard it is stored in and goes there every time he's hungry. I combine it with Royal Canine dry food and he is happily eating both. Only issue, is that it's hard to get the lot out of the packet as it sticks to the bottom and sides.

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