11/10/18 | Lesley Hill
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Royal Canin Renal Food Miracle!

19 year old Molly was in a sorry state after a kidney infection, and because of her age, stage 2 KD and some heart disease her vet didn't want to prescribe anything that might make matters worse. So we were resigned to the fact that Molly's life was drawing to a close. Well after a month on his diet, she shows an interest in food, has put on weight, her coat is glossy, she is passing more urine (presumably her kidneys are having less of a struggle). energy levels have increased too. Amazing!
24/08/18 | Leigh Hicks
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only one

the only one he loves
09/07/18 | Simon Mottashed
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He loves it

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Expensive but cheaper than from the vet

My cat adores this food and it took him from having a lot of struvite crystals in his urine (the S/O variant) to just a couple of fragments in 3 weeks. The only reason he's transitioned to the dry variant is the cost. If it was up to him, he'd eat it all day!
11/02/17 | Jill Moss
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Happy Cat

I have an elderly blind cat with kidney problems and high blood pressure. He has adjusted so well to all these problems and am glad he really enjoys this Royal Canin food and the brilliant service provided.
05/02/17 | Mollie Bartley
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Visible difference for my cat

My cat is 17 and suffering with kidney disease. His coat became matted despite brushing him - one of the symptoms. My vet advised me to put him on this diet (he also likes the tuna) and within 10 days his coat had started to recover. He is now healthier and his coat much better.
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Cat approves and improves

Our cat was diagnosed with borderline kidney problems which could be managed with diet at the moment. But which food? Tried a couple of products but this is the one she likes. You'd think she would be fed up with chicken but this seems to be appetizing to her, mainly in the evening. At the moment she appears to be doing well on it and is certainly not losing weight.
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mrs k

My (nearly 17 years) old lady cat, was recently diagnosed with early stages of chronic kidney failure. She is a lifelong fussy eater, and I quaked at the thought of how she would take to a special diet, but she liked this Royal Canin Renal wet food (and the biscuit version too) straight away, and eats all three flavours with equal gusto - I was amazed and very happy as well as relieved. Thank you Royal Canin!
01/10/16 | Nicola
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He actually eats this

y 12 year old cat was diagnosed with early stage renal failure in August 16, the vet recommended Royal Canin. so bought a few pouches to try from the vet. My cat liked it, but only chicken and is now putting back on some weight very slowly. His normal play and activity levels have returned . Highly recommended, although it's expensive from vets. I don't think you'll find it at a better price than at Zooplus, delivery is excellent too. Shame they don't do turkey or other flavours
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My cat likes it too

My 9-year-old cat has stage 2 renal failure and this was recommended by the vet. My cat eats the chicken flavour with gusto (although is not so keen on the tuna and beef) and seems healthier since being on this diet. Although this is very expensive compared to quality non-renal diets, if it keeps my cat relatively well and happy for longer then it is worth it. Zooplus seem to be the most competitively priced and deliveries have been prompt so I am a repeat customer.
27/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Great food

Since my cat has started eating this, he won't have anything else. I think there could be a greater variety of flavours, but other than that no complaints. I really like the size of the kibble. Highly recommended.
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My cat loves it

My 14 year old cat was diagnosed with early stage renal failure in February, and the Royal Canin wet food recommended . I really didn't think she would like it, so bought a few pouches to try from the vet. My cat loved it, in all the flavours, and is now putting back on some of the weight she had lost. She's also back to her normal play and activity levels. Highly recommended, although it's expensive. I don't think you'll find it at a better price than from Zooplus, and their service is excellent too
23/02/16 | john evans
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royal canin beef chicken and tuna

Our 14yr old cat puss was diagnosed with kidney failure, and we have tried a similar brand and reluctantly he would nibble at it and walk away so he ended up losing weight which he couldn't afford to do as he is small anyway. So the vet advised us to try this brand and he loves it so now he might start putting the weight back on we hope. We searched everywhere and found that zooplus is the cheapest anywhere and they offer a choice of delivery companies. So well done zooplus for coming to the rescue.