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Cat likes it but not for every day...

My 14yo CKD cat will eat her Royal Canine Renal pouches as well, but she always leaves some, especially if it is the same flavour every day, and there is only one flavour in a pack! I got these Beaphar meals to see if she enjoys them more and she does, she finishes all of her food. Not surprised cos they are actually quite tasty (I had a try too!) and with a much nicer texture and more meaty smell. However, these meals are higher in phosphorus than RC, and since she also eats her RC, I plan to use these intermittently for variety and not as her main food, at least for as long as she does not come off the RC completely.
08/04/13 | Veronique
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Getting Archie to eat renal diet Beaphar mixed pack

Like all other cat-lovers, dreaded having to give 14 yr old Archie renal diet food. Spent many hours on the net and the only wet food in different flavours was the above. Why do R Canin etc expect cats to eat 48 pouches of same flavour? No trouble at all with first few foils. He's now 3 weeks on and I give him a teaspoon of one flavour and if he eats it add another. Opening a different flavour often helps and if all fails I add a teaspoon of Sheba gravy to the renal diet. I sometimes bash the dry treats into powder and sprinkle a little on top of any renal diet he is not devouring. Thank goodness one manufacturer offers choice and Zooplus discount, free postage and rapid delivery all help the extra costs of caring for a cat with renal failure.

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