Best food

My cats love it and this food fixed the poo problem for my very sensitive blue russian cat. This is the only one food what her digestive system tolerate. No more diarrhoea 😀😀
08/19/18 | Hayley McAuley


This food is amazing! The tin size is perfect when feeding 5 cats and they all absolutely love it. Two of them even growl when eating it. Packed solid in the tin, there is so much food for your money and it smells really nice, unlike some supermarket brands. So much healthier for my cats too and their coats are so shiny since eating this food. I'm so glad I found it.

Good quality food at a great price!

A premium food at a VERY GOOD PRICE- that my fussy cat STILL enjoys, even after several months! Long may it last!
12/06/17 | Nikola


After this food my cat health has been improved :) She been very poor with supermarket food. I decided to try this food because of 65% of the meat.
10/20/17 | Sarah Pressler

Incredibly good value and quality

Amazing food which is totally species appropriate, mine loved all flavours except for the mixed meat but its great you can order so many different flavour choices so I just won't order that one. It's definitely comparable to grau and catz finefoods which are the other 2 brands I use but this is much cheaper. I buy 55 x 800g tins a month for 15 cats and its a great price.
09/16/17 | Andrea

Cats love it

Having a multi cat household means feeding can be pricey and a can lasts no time at all. These 800g cans are perfect, will be looking for more like this. These are decent quality and are grain free.
07/01/17 | Jenny

Excellent wet food

High meat content and no weird cereal chunks like most cast food cans. My overweight cat lost weight on this food and has loads of energy now, he really has to chew it instead of lapping like other wet foods. It looks like corned beef in consistency. It keeps well in the fridge and doesn't stink. Definitely ordering more soon!
06/30/17 | Nina

Excellent food

I use this as a supplement to my ferrets diet. Its great quality ingredients and they enjoy the Beef varieties of the Adult tins the best. Great food for cat and as part of a varied & balanced diet for ferrets.

Good Quality and (evidently) Tasty Cat Food

My two rescue cats are surprisingly fussy eaters so I have been looking for a new cat food that they will enjoy. I recently ordered this cat food for the first time. I was impressed by how good the food smelled when I opened the tin. It looks and smells like corned beef. My cats wolfed this down the first time I gave it to them and continue to enjoy this cat food and the Carny Senior tins that I also bought. I am delighted as (apparently) are my cats!
10/25/16 | Heather Spencer

Cats love it

none has been wasted, it all gets eaten up and they are doing very well on it. Good value for a good quality food.
08/27/16 | Lianne Dyer

Great food

Good quality canned food that even my fussy eaters like. A great price too.

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