26/02/15 | Catherine
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Kitty liked this... until we realised he was allergic

I really like the idea of Animonda Carny as I am firmly in the "cats are obligate carnivores and should therefore eat high meat content food" team. I had seen many recommendations for Animonda Carny from like-minded people and so ordered a mixed trial pack. My kitten wolfed it down the first time, so it must have smelt delicious, so it gets a thumbs up as with many others' cats in these reviews. I later fed some raw minced chicken & beef as a snack and he had vomiting and runny tummy incidents on two separate occasions, so I have isolated that down to when I started feeding beef. So sadly I will have to cut out Animonda Carny altogether as, despite the names of the flavours listed, the bulk of the meat used seems to be beef. In fact there are no flavours that does not use beef! This is my only complaint to be honest, and think it is still a very good option if your cat is not allergic to beef. It's a shame really as I have only fed one tin before finding this out, so still have 11 tins leftover! Guess they will be going to a rescue.

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