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bosch Puppy Milk

Product description

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Product description

High-quality milk substitute powder ideal for raising puppies away from their mothers, as well as offering a gentle transition from mother’s milk to solids, rich in milk proteins for healthy growth.
A mother’s milk is essential in nourishing newborn puppies. bosch Puppy Milk is based around this knowledge, a high-quality milk substitute powder that is ideal for ensuring puppies raised away from their mother are still provided with nourishing milk. It can also help puppies make the transition from milk to solids in a gentle, careful way.
bosch Puppy Milk contains pure milk proteins that ensure healthy growth and development. Carefully selected fats and oils provide your puppy with essential unsaturated fatty acids.
This bosch Puppy Milk is particularly nourishing and digestible, adapted to work well with your new-born puppy’s digestive system, which will not yet be fully developed.
The wholesome puppy milk is produced in Germany, with highest quality assurance thanks to guaranteed efficient, controlled and careful manufacturing methods.
The fine texture of Bosch Puppy Milk makes it easily water soluble and simple to use.


bosch Puppy Milk at a glance:

  • High-quality milk substitute powder for puppies
  • Ideal for puppies being reared away from their mothers and for ensuring a smooth transfer from mother’s milk to solid foods
  • Pure milk proteins: for healthy development
  • Carefully selected oils and fats: to provide essential unsaturated fatty acids
  • Produced in Germany: highest quality guaranteed
  • Fine powder texture: water soluble and easy to use



Milk and dairy products (73.5%), oils and fats.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (15,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1500 IU), vitamin E [as all-rac-alpha tocopheryl acetate] (150mg), vitamin B1 (5mg), vitamin B2 (10mg), vitamin B6 (5mg), vitamin B12 (50mcg), biotin (500mcg), pantothenic acid (20mg), niacin (20mg), folic acid (1mg), vitamin C (50mg), choline chloride (1250mg), zinc [as amino acid zinc chelate hydrate] (20mg), copper [as copper-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate] (15mg), cobalt (0.5mg), manganese (15mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (3mg), selenium [as sodium selenite] (0.3mg), zinc [as zinc oxide] (100mg), iron (150mg).

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:


Puppy’s age Puppy’s weight Serving of mixed milk (ml per puppy + per day)
1-4 weeks 0.2kg 25- 30ml
1-4 weeks 0.3kg 40-45ml
1-4 weeks 0.4kg 55-60ml
1-4 weeks 0.5kg 65-75ml
1 week 0.75kg 100-110ml
2-3 weeks 0.75kg 120-135ml
4 weeks 0.75kg 120-140ml
1-2 weeks 1kg 135-150ml
3 weeks 1kg 155-180ml
4 weeks 1kg 170-195ml
1-2 weeks 1.5kg 235-270ml
3-4 weeks 1.5kg 255-295ml
1-2 weeks 1.75kg 280-320ml
3-4 weeks 1.75kg 300-345ml
1-2 weeks 2kg 310-360ml
3-4 weeks 2kg 355-390ml
1-4 weeks 2.5kg 420-480ml

Number of meals per day:
1st week: 6-8 (small breed or weaker puppies should have 8-12 meals per day)
2nd week: 5-6
3rd week: 4-5
4th week: 3-4

Please note: to achieve the daily recommended number of meals and serving amounts per puppy, divide the recommended amount by the number of meals.

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