Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat

: 5/5
Balanced dry food to support oral hygiene in adult cats, with a recipe and tailored kibble designed to promote dental cleaning, offering a special mix of fibres to control hairball formation....further information
Product description
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat


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Product description

Balanced dry food to support oral hygiene in adult cats, with a recipe and tailored kibble designed to promote dental cleaning, offering a special mix of fibres to control hairball formation.

A strong jaw and healthy teeth are essential for your cat's wellbeing. Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat is developed to help support oral hygiene and keep teeth clean, without your cat having to compromise on flavour.
The kibble of this Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat has been specially tailored in shape and size to offer a special brushing effect as your cat eats, helping to reduce plaque and tartar. The unique fibre mix in this Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat can also help to control the formation of hairballs. The balanced, complete recipe of this dish makes it ideal as a daily food.

Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat at a glance:
  • Complete dry food for cats
  • To support dental care and oral hygiene
  • With brushing effect: the kibble has characteristics that allow it to clean the surface of your cat's teeth as it chews
  • Combats plaque and tartar: size, shape and texture of the kibble can help to reduce plaque, discolouration and tartar 
  • Delicious recipe: well-accepted
  • Nutrient-rich: balanced and nutritious, suitable as a complete food for daily nutrition
  • Hairball complex: contains a special mix of fibres that can help to move swallowed hairs through the system and combat hairball formation
  • S/O index: carefully selected ingredients that create an inhospitable environment for urinary stones

General information:

  • Please seek your vet's advice before using this food or extending the feeding period.
  • When feeding your cat with a veterinary diet you should consult your vet regularly for check-ups.
  • If your cat's health deteriorates please seek veterinary advice immediately.


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Wheat gluten feed*, dried poultry protein, corn, rice, animal fat, wheat flour, lignocellulose, corn feed meal, dried beet pulp, minerals, hydrolysed animal protein, fish oil, fructo-oligosaccharides, psyllium [husk and seeds] (0.5%), soya oil, yeast [source of mannan-oligosaccharide], marigold meal. 
*L.I.P: selected easy-to-digest proteins with high biological value.

Additives per kg: 
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (25,500 IU), vitamin D3 (795 IU), iron (45mg), iodine (4.5mg), copper (14mg), manganese (58mg), zinc (137mg), selenium (0.08mg).
Technological additives:
Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (5g).
Preservatives, antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein29.0 %
fat15.0 %
fibre5.4 %
ash6.4 %
calcium0.85 %
phosphorus0.65 %
magnesium0.07 %
chloride1.13 %
potassium0.65 %
sodium0.65 %
calories that can be burned3722.0 kcal
sulphur 0.8 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Royal Canin Expert Dental Cat is a complete dietetic food for adult cats.
Bodyweight Underweight Normal Overweight
2kg 41g 34g 27g
2.5kg 48g 40g 32g
3kg 55g 46g 36g
3.5kg 61g 51g 41g
4kg 67g 56g 45g
4.5kg 73g 61g 49g
5kg 78g 65g 52g
5.5kg 84g 70g 56g
6kg 89g 75g 60g
6.5kg 95g 79g 63g
7kg 100g 83g 66g
7.5kg 105g 87g 70g
8kg 110g 91g 73g
8.5kg 114g 95g 76g
9kg 119g 99g 79g
9.5kg 124g 103g 83g
10kg 128g 107g 86g
Ensure fresh drinking water is always available.


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Latest user reviews

18/12/18 | Will
: 5/5

They love it!

The vet recommended this because my cat's teeth were going bad, and he wouldn't let me brush them. Luckily he loves it and he now gobbles it up every day.
Originally published in
24/04/18 | Zillah Barnes
: 5/5


I give this as a treat for my senior kitties. They love the taste & look forward daily to a few pieces of kibble. They crunch away & I know it's helping to clean their teeth & in moderation is good for them.
Originally published in
16/08/17 | Gillian Manthorpe
: 5/5

Cats love it!

Both my cats love this food and have recently had their annual check up and no teeth or gum problems! Woohooo!
Originally published in
05/02/17 | Anne
: 4/5

Apparently tastes lovely

Although the price seemed ridiculous, I had to try these when my little guy got sick of the taste of Hill's Prescription Diet T/D. It turns out these Royal Canin dental biscuits are a taste sensation. He's still too picky to eat only one type of food, but these are very popular.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Great, nice big kibble

My two were told to get this by the vet, the chunks are really nice and big and can't be swallowed without a good chew. They seem to like the taste of the food, I can only recommend it!
: 4/5


The first day was ok, all 12 cats ate it, but after a couple of days only 2 or 3 of them are eating it.
: 5/5


This dry food is great from all points of view!!! The kibble smells good, and is a size that forces your cat to chew properly! My cats love it and their bad breath is gone. Recommended!
: 3/5

The biscuits are very large

I love royal canin but these kibbles seem very large, and quite hard. My cats are fussy and don't like any brands at the moment, so we're changing them a lot.
: 4/5

Seems pretty good!

I'm very satisfied with this food for my cats. It also seems to improve their bowel movements and their fur looks nicer. I wish I could buy the larger bags at zooplus, as at the moment they only have smaller ones.
: 5/5


I've been using this food for a while and I can really recommend it. My cat has problems with gingivitis, and together with other treatments these biscuits can help to clean teeth. My cat likes it mixed with other food and he always chews it completely. She always eats these first, and even takes them one at a time to hide them away for later.
: 5/5

Does what it says!

This really does what it says, I have a young cat and my vet showed me the signs of tartar she had so I bought this (even though she already had a different/good brand of dried food each day). It really has made a big difference and it is her favourite dried food above all other brands, she loves it! I give this an excellent rating, worth making sure your cat has this even if it's for a couple of times a week to ensure they have the minimum dental problems now and later in life.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Great food!

Brilliant ingredients, which have a really beneficial effect on my kitty's teeth! Recommended!
: 5/5

Super food!

My British Shorthair had been to the vet about her teeth, we thought they would have to be taken out, but the vet insisted that they actually could be saved if we just helped her to keep them more clean. Now we feed her this dry food and she chews them instead of just swallowing them, so her teeth are getting cleaner.
: 5/5

Like brushing their teeth!

This was recommended by my vet for my British Shorthair kitten. It helps prevent tartar, which is very important to prevent dental diseases in the future. And as I said in the title, it's like they're brushing their teeth while they eat. Very highly recommended!