Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks

: 5/5
Smilla Hearties are tasty heart-shaped cat treats, in a convenient, resealable box. With their high-quality animal proteins, taurine and essential fatty acids they are both healthy and delicious....further information
Product description
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks
Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks


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Product description

Smilla Hearties are tasty heart-shaped cat treats, in a convenient, resealable box. With their high-quality animal proteins, taurine and essential fatty acids they are both healthy and delicious.

Smilla Hearties are premium cat snacks in a heart shaped kibble, with quality animal protein from beef and poultry. Smilla Hearties were developed in cooperation with leading pet nutritionists. Their well-balanced ingredients reduce the build-up of hairballs, provide tooth care and ensure all-round feline well-being.

Select ingredients and careful manufacturing make Smilla Hearties especially tasty and digestible. Omega fatty acids promote a silky, smooth coat and support your cat's natural defence mechanisms. Essential taurine helps to keep your cat’s heart healthy and, together with vitamin A, maintains your cat's eyesight. High-quality animal protein and adapted levels of minerals and vitamins make sure your cat gets the diet that's right for her. Special plant fibres are added to help with the expulsion of hairballs. Smilla Hearties will do your cat a world of good with their high-quality recipe containing omega fatty acids, taurine and vitamins.

Smilla Hearties are available in a practical resealable 125g box, so you can give your cat a fresh treat every day. The resealable box makes it easy to feed your cat the right amount of healthy snack: just pull back the lid, take out a treat and reseal.

Smilla Hearties at a glance:

  • With quality animal protein from fresh poultry, salmon and liver
  • Free from grains containing gluten
  • Beer yeast naturally provides B vitamins
  • Special plant fibres encourage the passage of hairballs
  • Contains omega fatty acids for a silky, glossy coat
  • Delicious snacks in a pretty heart-shaped kibble
  • Flavoursome and healthy
  • Practical, resealable box: Give your cat a fresh treat every day

Smilla Hearties - taste, love, treat.
Pure pleasure - pure love for your cat – makes treats worthwhile.


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Fresh poultry 19%, rice, animal fat, sorghum (milo), poultry meal, liver meal, beet pulp, meat greaves meal, protein hydrolyzate, salmon meal, meat meal, whole egg powder, flaxseed, dried brewer's yeast, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (16,750 IU), vitamin D3 (1450 IU), vitamin E (145mg), zinc [as zinc oxide] (30mg), zinc [as amino acid zinc chelate, hydrate] (40mg), iodine [as anhydrous calcium iodate] (2mg), selenium [as sodium selenite] (0.2mg), copper [as copper-(II)-sulphate, pentahydrate](10mg), taurine (1300mg).

Technological additives: antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein31.0 %
fat22.0 %
fibre2.5 %
ash6.5 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:

This should make up a max. 10% of your pet's daily diet.
Smilla Hearties are a supplementary food.
Fresh water should be provided at all times.


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Latest user reviews

18/10/17 | Simba'sMum
: 5/5

It's a paws up

He absolutely loves his toothies and would probably eat the whole carton if I let him. For me, it's great to know that he's having a treat whilst taking care of his teeth at the same time.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Lovely treat alongside normal biscuits

I always put a bit of special treats on top of my cat's normal biscuits occasionally, and these little hearts work really well. They add a different flavour to the normal dry food and are good for her health. Love it as she absolutely love them!
18/07/16 | Lilla Dydyk
: 5/5

Sam adores these!

Agree with other positive reviews - my boy has adored these from the first time I showed him the box, he paws me every time to open it quickly and feed him ;0) The ingredients sound healthy and must be very tasty as Sam can't get enough, tending to swallow whole rather than chewing. The treats are rather small to hand feed, but Sam has never hurt me when receiving them. Will keep buying this product ;0)
Originally published in
: 5/5

Satisfaction guaranteed

My two cats can't get enough of these. A real find, good for their teeth, and reasonably priced too.
: 5/5

The best without a doubt

My two lovely cats prefers these, as well as my fussy dog ! I haven't tried them myself, but I trust their judgement ;-)
: 5/5

Total Cat Temptation

My cat is mad for these. She can even be made to come indoors from who-knows-how-far, far away just by shaking the package. They seem to help her teeth too, but are real gold as a training treat.
: 5/5


Tasty:) For the cat of course! My cat loves these treats! The packaging has a good lid and the design is cute.
: 5/5

Just great

I wanted to try something other than Dreamies and gave lots of treats a try. My two cats ignored many of them, and none of them came close to the Dreamies. But then I tried the Hearties. And they were a huge hit! If I put out Hearties and Dreamies, they'll both eat the Hearties first.
: 5/5

Favourite snack

My Betty can't get enough. She'd live on them if she could. Because the Hearties are quite small, you can use them with intelligence toys and as rewards when using a clicker.
: 5/5

Hearties <3

My cats love the Hearties - great price, great snacks!
31/03/13 | Tricia Hogg
: 5/5

Cats love these

The minute I unpacked these, my cats were trying to get into the box! I could hardly get some into their dishes as they were desperate to get at them! When I had gone out and come back, the cats had been trying to get into the boxes as I found them with little teeth marks all over, but, thankfully the lids are secure. Definitely recommended by my cats!
Originally published in
20/11/12 | Leiann Webster
: 5/5

5 Very Happy Cats :-)

My cats eat the Smilla dry food & so I thought I'd try the treats. Having read such great feedback from other customers, I was encouraged to buy Hearties for my cats. So glad I did. My cats ADORE these treats. Wonderful; even my fussy cat loves them. Can't recommend them enough :-D
Originally published in
: 5/5

an amazing treat!

To all Cat lovers! dont forget to add hearties to your carties! these treats are great value and with amazing benefits for your cats health all rolled into a sweet little treat!! After reading the reviews I thought I'd give them a try for my Abby junior, of whom is not fond of vit pastes, well he absolutely loves them -would recommend you try them for your kittys wellbeing, see for yourself!
: 5/5

no brainer, cat prefers this to whiskas etc!

got this as a freebie with an order and the cat loves it. it's small bite sized, which she appreciates - because the whiskas ones are too big, she tries to catch one and rejects it. this is by far her favourite, great value, highly recommend am coming back to buy third load!
19/01/12 | Natasha
: 5/5

Cat can't get enough of these!

My cat loves these treats. As soon as she hears the rattle of the box she comes running! They are great value as you get loads in the tub and the fact that the tub is re-sealable is an added bonus as it keeps the treats fresh.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Can't get enough of them!

I received these as a free gift and now find myself having to order more, as my cat simply cannot get enough of them. After 11 years of trying to get her to use a cat scrather, instead of our bed, she now scratches her new post, whilst purring but at the same time looking to see if we are giving her the 'well done' treat! Unbelievable! Would love to know what's in them!
12/10/11 | brie
: 5/5


I don't know what they put in these treats but I have 10 cats from 8 weeks to 3yrs and although I have 1 who won't eat treats at all, the rest can't get enough! I always buy the 3 pack and that doesn't last long in our house with 9 of them wanting them 2x a day. I wish I could buy it in a LARGE quantity!
Originally published in
07/10/11 | Caroline Higgins
: 5/5

Can't get enough

My cat is 15+years old. She has always been EXTRA fuusy with food. She now demands Hearties on her feed before she will eat it! Well done... she loves them!
Originally published in
28/09/11 | Adrian Small
: 5/5

Hearties Snacks

Our Siberian just cant get enough of them Just hope we can keep getting them 5 star
Originally published in
15/09/11 | Maltie
: 5/5

Bengal cat goes mad for these treats

I also had these as a free gift and Bengal cat loves them. I will be buying these treats as they are so good.
Originally published in