Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks

: 5/5
Smilla Toothies are highly effective oral care snacks in a resealable box. The tooth-shaped snacks have been developed by leading pet nutrition experts for daily dental care....further information
Product description
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks
Smilla Toothies Dental Care Snacks


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Product description

Smilla Toothies are highly effective oral care snacks in a resealable box. The tooth-shaped snacks have been developed by leading pet nutrition experts for daily dental care.

Smilla Toothies are tasty, easily digested dental care snacks for cats. They have been developed with the help of leading pet nutrition experts, with the latest scientific knowledge in mind.

They contain natural fibres which together with the special structure of the surface ensure an effective shear effect on the tooth surface, aiding your cat's daily dental care. Smilla Toothies are available in an original tooth shape to make dental care even more fun, and are made from slightly larger kibble, so your cat chews for longer.

Smilla Toothies are also a great way to reward your cat. Smilla Toothies contain a combination of omega fatty acids, taurine and vitamins, so you know you are giving your cat a tasty, health giving treat.

Smilla Toothies are available in a practical resealable 125g box, so you can give your cat a fresh treat every day. The resealable box makes it easy to feed your cat the right amount of fresh chew snack: just pull back the lid, take out a treat and reseal.

Smilla Toothies at a glance:

  • Tasty and healthy oral care snack
  • Kibble with a special surface structure
  • Contains special plant fibres that promote the shearing effect
  • The larger sized kibble challenges teeth and jaw muscles
  • In a practical resealable box for fresh treats every day
  • With important B vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Taurine supports heart function
Smilla Toothies: taste, brush, treat.
Pure enjoyment - effective dental care – so a treat is always worthwhile.


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Fresh poultry 19%, rice, animal fat, sorghum (milo), potato protein, meat greaves meal, animal fat, poultry meal, liver meal, cellulose fibers, protein hydrolyzate, calcium carbonate, linseed, sodium phosphate, yeast (dried), potassium chloride, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, mussel meat meal , chicory (dried), calendula flowers (dried), yucca (dried).

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin A 24,750 IU, vitamin D3 1500 IU, vitamin E (all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 590 mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 30 mg, zinc (amino acids - zinc chelate, hydrate) 75 mg, iodine (calcium iodate, water-free) 2 mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.2 mg, copper (copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrate) 10 mg, taurine 1950 mg.

Technological additives: antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein30.0 %
fat15.0 %
fibre5.0 %
ash7.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:

This should make up a max. 10% of your pet's daily diet.
Smilla Toothies are a supplementary food for adult cats.
Fresh water should be provided at all times.


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Latest user reviews

09/02/23 | Vicki Guy
: 4/5

Hit with my two

Crunchy and tasty for my two. I mix in some dreamies so they get a surprise stash. Works amazing.
09/12/21 | Athena
: 5/5

My cats go crazy for these!

They love them, even the older one who is somewhat of a picky eater!
: 5/5

My cat adapted really well to these snacks

I thought my cat wouldn't enjoy this treat as he is addicted to Dreamies, but he adapted quite well to them. The ingredients are quite nice and way more natural. I am not sure about the dental care part, but just being healthier makes me happier. :)
28/03/18 | Jane
: 5/5

Cat loves

Cat loves these as much if not more than Dreamies. She tends to swallow Dreamies whole, but these she has to crunch.
Originally published in
12/02/18 | fudge
: 5/5


firm favourite with my cat at 2.00am in the morning....
Originally published in
01/12/17 | Suzanne Davis
: 5/5

Smilla Toothies

All 8 cats love these as a treat, very popular
Originally published in
18/10/17 | Simba'sMum
: 5/5

It's a paws up

He absolutely loves his toothies and would probably eat the whole carton if I let him. For me, it's great to know that he's having a treat whilst taking care of his teeth at the same time.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Lovely treat alongside normal biscuits

I always put a bit of special treats on top of my cat's normal biscuits occasionally, and these little hearts work really well. They add a different flavour to the normal dry food and are good for her health. Love it as she absolutely love them!
: 5/5

They just love these

I have 3 cats, and they just love tootsies. As soon as you pick up the box they are by your feet. I have to store them where one of them can't get to them as he loves them so much, seeks them out and tries to chew through the container to get them. Would kingly recommend them, so much so that gave two boxes to work colleagues for their cats to try. They loved them too. Would highly recommend
05/02/17 | Carole Lorenz
: 5/5

My cats come running for these.

My cats love these and I use them as treats giving a few each day and they are good for their teeth too.. The cats create havoc when left in the living room alone as they bite all the wires and get behind the tv . All I need to do is shake the box of toothies and they come running out of the living room then I can shut the door behind them.Unfortunately one cat has learned now to open door herself!
Originally published in
03/01/17 | joanne cooper
: 5/5

best treats

All 3 of my cats love these treats they all have amazing clean teeth,they all go crazy when we get the tub out just the sound of them in secs they r waiting looking if 2 say well hurry up i like the way the tubs are recloseable 2 keep them fresh great size tubs has well just hope u dont stop selling these other wise im gonna have 3 unhappy cats 🐱🐱🐱
Originally published in
: 5/5

Cats go crazy for these!

Got some of these the other day and my two go absolutely mad for them - more than Dreamies! Not full of the crap thats in Dreamies either which I much prefer :)
13/06/16 | Lilla Dydyk
: 5/5

Super Snacks

The minute I opened the pack, my boy Sam was very interested. Every day he's keen to eat these, will paw me if he thinks I'm being too slow handing them out (he won't chew each one if I put them on a dish) I feel good giving him these as the ingredients are natural, have herbs and I imagine they're doing his body a good thing.
Originally published in
: 5/5

Tasty but do they work?

My cats love these. After doing some research though, I'm not convinced this kind of kibble does anything to help the teeth at all. Oh well, they make them happy!
06/01/16 | Miss Parker
: 3/5

Good but is not informative about the product

Delivery with Yodel was quick as always. We got these as our cat has been diagnosed with gingivitis and we want to keep her teeth clean before considering extraction. Most of the information on the pack is in another language which is a shame in that we cannot be sure what the dental ingredients are, but our furbaby seems to like them.
Originally published in
05/12/15 | nta16
: 3/5

Very popular treat

As with previous reviewer, our cat loves these treats but because he gulps them down I’m not sure how much good they are doing for his remaining teeth (on the one side of his mouth) – as with all treats note the feeding recommendation.
Originally published in
04/11/15 | Katy
: 5/5

Popular treat

My cat loves these little treats and wolfs them down. So much for the shape supposed to encourage crunching, they barely touch the sides! My cat also loves Dreamies and Whiskas Temptations but won't even touch Tigeria brand treats (cheese ones, heart ones and sticks). She knows what she likes!
Originally published in
06/08/15 | Andi jackson
: 5/5

Ab fab

I have three cats, one of which is very fussy, but all three absolutely loved these, one of them even meows for more, I will defiantly be buying more of these
Originally published in
: 5/5

Always go down well

My fussy cat loves these, its nice that they help with dental care and the 3 packs are good value for money, will buy more.
03/05/15 | tiina brown
: 5/5


my two cats could simply not get enough of these. The fact they were good for their teeth was great but they loved the flavour and even learnt to beg to get more so can whole heartily recommend them, they come in handy plastic container reseaklable and easy to open
Originally published in