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Schesir in Natural Gravy 6 x 70g

Product description

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Product description

Grain-free supplementary wet food for adult cats, made with 100% natural ingredients, gently steamed to preserve vital nutrients and taste. It is free from artificial preservatives or colours.
Schesir in Natural Gravy 6 x 70g is a delicious grainless treat for your cat. It is made using only the best, wholesome ingredients and provides your cat with a wide selection of complementary foods all of which add variety and flavour to the daily menu. It is completely free from artificial preservatives and colours.

Schesir has been producing premium wet cat food since 1986. When you feed your cat with Schesir supplementary wet food you know that you are giving your cat a healthy, tasty meal.

Schesir in Natural Gravy 6 x 70g at a glance:

  • Supplementary food for adult cats
  • 100% natural, wholesome ingredients: No artificial preservatives or colours
  • Grain-free: only contains tapioca starch
  • Carefully prepared: gently steamed to preserve vital nutrients and delicious taste
  • Hand-picked: made using only the best cuts of meat and fish
  • Made using hormone-free chicken and ocean fish from sustainable sources
  • With taurine for healthy eyesight, nerves and heart
  • Enriched with vitamin A and vitamin E for a balanced nutrition.



Tuna: Tuna 57.4%, tapioca starch 1.4%
Tuna & Salmon: Fish (tuna 57.4%, salmon 5.7%), tapioca starch 1.4%
Tuna & Sea Bream: Fish (tuna 57.4%, sea bream 5.7%), tapioca starch 1.4%
Tuna & Sea Bass: Fish (tuna 57.4%, sea bass 5.7%), tapioca starch 1.4%
Chicken & Ham: Chicken fillet 57%, ham 5.7%, tapioca starch 1.4%
Chicken & Shrimps: Chicken fillet 57%, shrimp 5.7%, tapioca starch 1.4%
Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives: Vitamin A (1325 IU), vitamin E (15mg), taurine (160mg)

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Schesir in Natural Gravy 6x70g is a supplementary wet food for cats.
Feed your cat up to 2 cans per day combined with a complete food. Please make sure your cat always has enough fresh water to drink. Serve at room temperature. Store in the fridge after opening and use within 48 hours.
All prices include tax., Additional shipping costs may apply.
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