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Cosma Asia in Jelly Saver Pack 24 x 85g

Product description

Cosma Asia in Jelly Saver Pack 24 x 85g 5 21
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Tuna with Crab Meat
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Product description

Premium, supplementary cat food made from fresh, succulent meat or fish in a delectable jelly - lightly enriched with rice for an exotic flavour. Available in a 24 x 85g saver pack!
Cosma Asia wet cat food 24 x 85g at a glance:
  • Premium, supplementary wet cat food
  • Made from fresh meat or fish
  • Two or more protein sources
  • Appropriate nutrition
  • Lightly enriched with rice
  • Free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colourings
Cosma Asia wet cat food is a deliciously unique culinary experience for your cat! Each variety contains two or more protein sources from tasty meat, fish or seafood and is lightly enriched with rice. The carefully-selected ingredients are gently prepared, in order to preserve all of the essential nutrients and the natural taste. The Cosma Asia supplementary wet cat food range is made from premium, natural ingredients and is completely free from artificial preservatives and flavours. Cosma Asia provides your cat with appropriate nutrition and offers an irresistible taste.

Cosma Asia Saver Pack: 24 x 85g is available in the following flavours:
  • Mixed Pack (24 x 85g) with 6 Varieties: 
    4 x 85g Chicken with Tuna, 4 x 85g Tuna with Crab Meat, 4 x 85g Chicken with Shrimps, 4 x 85g Chicken with Chicken Liver, 4 x 85g Tuna with Beef, 4 x 85g Tuna with Salmon
  • Tuna with Crab Meat (24 x 85g):
    Chunks of light tuna with easy-to-digest crab meat in tasty jelly
  • Chicken with Tuna (24 x 85g):
    Tender pieces of chicken with chunks of light tuna in tasty jelly
Cosma Asia – a pure delight for your cat!


Feeding guide

More information on individual varieties, including ingredients and feeding recommendations, can be found here:


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