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Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Trial Pack 6 x 800g

Product description

Animonda Carny Adult Mixed Trial Pack 6 x 800g 5 47
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Mixed Pack I: Beef Selection
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Mixed Pack II: Beef & Poultry Selection
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Product description

Delicious grain-free food made from pure meat. A premium, complete food for adult cats which is easy to digest and well accepted. Three different varieties available now in a handy mixed trial pack!
Cats are meat connoisseurs and you can't fool them with low grade meat. Animonda Carny cat food is made using only carefully selected premium meat which is gently processed to produce this delicious cat food. Animonda Carny contains only freshly prepared, tasty meat. Nothing more. It is completely grain-free and does not contain artificial flavour enhancers, colours or preservatives. Animonda Carny is guaranteed free of soya, artificial colouring and preservatives, and any GM ingredients. Each recipe is made using only the stated meat which is an excellent source of animal protein as well as natural taurine, a vital amino acid which cats cannot produce in adequate quantities, so it needs to be supplemented through diet. Taurine helps to support the immune system, cardiac function and healthy eyesight. It also helps to keep skin supple and fur shiny. Only pure meat is used in Animonda Carny wet cat food so it retains the natural, unadulterated and typical taste of meat which cats adore.


  • Animonda Carny wet cat food at a glance
  • Balanced, complete cat food
  • Made only from fresh meat.
  • Grain-free, so suitable for cats with nutritional sensitivities
  • No soya
  • Top quality source of animal protein: Only made with fresh ingredients such as muscle meat, heart, lung,liver
  • With natural taurine: Essential animo acid in meat which supports cardiac funtion, eyesight, healthy fur and skin, healthy immune system
  • Vitamins & minerals: Important nutrients for a balanced, holistic diet
  • No artificial additives such as preservatives, colour, flavours
  • Well accepted
  • Easy to digest


The Mixed Pack I contains:

  • 2 x Beef
  • 2 x Meat Saucer
  • 2 x Beef & Chicken
The Mixed Pack II contains:
  • 2 x Beef, Chicken & Duck Heart
  • 2 x Beef, Turkey & Shrimp
  • 2 x Beef, Turkey & Rabbit


Meat Saucer: beef (30%, lung, meat, heart, kidney, udder), chicken (29%, liver, meat, stomach, neck), venison (6%), calcium carbonate.

Beef & Chicken: beef (35%, lung, heart, kidney, meat, udder), chicken (30%, liver, meat, stomach, neck), calcium carbonate.

Beef: beef (65%, meat, heart, liver, lung, udder, kidney), calcium carbonate.

Beef, Chicken & Duck Hearts: beef (37%, lung, heart, meat, kidney, udder), chicken liver (20%), duck hearts (8%), calcium carbonate.

Beef, Turkey & Shrimps: beef (36%, lung, heart, meat, kidney, udder), turkey (25%, liver, heart), shrimps (4%), calcium carbonate.

Beef, Turkey & Rabbit: beef (34%, lung, heart, meat, kidney, udder), turkey (17%, liver, heart), rabbit meat (14%), calcium carbonate, sodium chloride.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
3a671 (200 IU), 3b202 (0.75mg), 3b503 (1.4mg), 3b605 (25mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 11.5 %
fat 5.5 %
fibre 0.5 %
ash 1.4 %
moisture 79.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:

Animonda Carny Adult is a complete food.

Cat's weight Daily serving in g/day
3kg 175g
4kg 200g
5kg 245g


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